Islam benefitted indigenous nomads, merchants, scholars, and also conquerors in the diffusion of goods, technologies, and also ideas.

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Because death is inevitable. No matter just how long we live, we will die. Even if we get rid of every cause of death, we will die. Also if us genetically technician a human being that is “amortal”, through nano-robots to perform repairs, that amortal being will certainly die one day. Even if we gotten rid of every solitary potential cause for death, provided what “eternity” means, statistically if friend live lengthy enough, you’ll end up dying from a supernova or some other stellar event.

And as for an individual experience, that is our ideal teacher. When we learn from experience, it will certainly be because that a long term. No one can steal the points we learned from ours experience. And in this experience, us will prosper to it is in a much better person and also to do a good choices in our decisions in life.


Dahil ang Afirca ay hindi masyadong kilala at napapansin noon. Itinuring misteryo noon ang Africa lalo na ang Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pero habang tumatagal ang panahon nakikita narin ng mga tao ang ganda ng Africa.




Sanhi ngpangyayaribunga ng puna sapangyayari pangyayarinatatanging pangyayari satimog asyapanahong vedicpagtatag ng sistemang casteang mga mongol atimperyong mogulpamumuno at pagsalakay nialexander the greatmga muslim na mananalakay​
Mag-isip ng mga emosyon na maaaring magsimula sa unang letra ng alpabeto.Maaring ito ay salitang English o Filipino.​...
Gawain sa Pagkatuto Bilang 3: Basahin ang mga sumusunod na katanungan. Isulat ang sagot sa iyong sagutang papel. ​
3. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang tamangpagkasunod-sunod na pinagdadaanan ngtunog pagkatapos pumasok sa pinna patungosa utak.A. Pinna ear canal eardrumavalitory assi...
Activity 2Directions: Tell even if it is the verbis S kind or an easy form1. Cries2. Behave3. Collects4.walk5. Studies6. Take7.chooses8....
Activity 1.2 much more Quacks!2. Enhance the samples and also the forms of quackery through connecting a linebetween Blue and Pink boxes.Forms of quackeryNutrition Quackery
TRUE OR FALSE1. Electromagnetic waves take trip in a transverse form.2. Electromagnetic waves room transverse tide only.3. Electromagnetic waves do not requi...
when one player provides their body to prevent the movement of another player this is often referred to as when the protective player is do the efforts to draw a charge however does not have actually their feet set...
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