1) Electron construction of lithium: ₃Li: 1s² 2s¹, it has actually one valence electron in 2s orbital.

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2) Electron construction of beryllium: ₄Be: 1s² 2s², it has actually two valence electrons in 2s orbital.

3) Electron construction of boron: ₅B: 1s² 2s² 2p¹, it has actually three valence electron in 2s and also 2p orbitals.

4) Electron construction of carbon: ₄C: 1s² 2s² 2p², the has 4 valence electrons in 2s and also 2p orbitals.

The exactly answer is barium.


Valence electrons are the electrons present in the valence shell of an atom of an element.

Bismuth has actually atomic variety of 83.

=6s^26p^3" />

Number of valence electron = 5

Boron has atomic number of 5.

=2s^22p^1" />

Number the valence electron = 3

Barium has atomic variety of 56.

=6s^2" />

Number that valence electron = 2

Bromine has actually atomic number of 35.

=4s^24p^5" />

Number of valence electron = 7

Barium is just one of the element in the given choices which possesses fewest number of valence electrons

Bismuth has actually 5 valence electronsBoron has actually 3 valence electrons Barium has actually 2 valence electronsBromine has 7 valence electronsSo therefore, the correct answer would be Barium.

I think the correct answers are among the choices provided above are alternatives B and D. Boron and also lithium have actually the same number of valence electron which is one. Valence electrons room electrons the is maybe to take part in link formation.
I think your claim is correct.Because for Li, Be, B and also C, their valence electron room all located in the 2nd orbital, so based upon their sequence, Li must has fewest valence electrons.
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Compare the valence electron construction of the nobles gas elements seen here. What declare is correct?
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