It is reasonable tat the Shark will have actually a forelimb most similar to the dolphin because they complied with a comparable evolutionary course (aquatic) if humans and lizards adjusted to life ~ above land.

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C.) Human


They are both mammals and also have comparable features, that has the forelimb that both creatures. I hope this aided you out.




Answer ! in her opinion, what space the limiting determinants that might impact the growth or diversity of ours ecosystem? respond come this concern in claim, evidence, thinking format. 1. Do your insurance claim (i room the limiting components that might affect the development or diversity of our 2. Monitor the claim with 3 piece of evidence. Evidence may it is in taken native the reading, the videos, previous lessons, or googled answers. Website sources, too. 3. Use reasoning to explain why you determined your evidence.
Dna in the cell core carries the hereditary code for making proteins in ribosomes. The diagram shows a design of dna. Which component of the dna molecule codes because that the amino acid sequence in the protein? a) sugar b) phosphate c) deoxyribosed) nitrogen bases
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Categorize castle by metal, nonmetal, in periodic tableductilenon-ductilemalleableoft en gain electrons easilygood conductorpoor conductorcan be liquidselements​...

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