Energy Transformations

any kind of one of the develops of power can be converted into one more form. Often, a series of power conversions is necessary to finish a job. For example:

Plants record light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy throughout the procedure of photosynthesis.
Wind turns a wind turbine to develop mechanical energy, i m sorry activates an electrical generator to develop electricity because that a radio.

Let"s look in ~ a couple of more instances of energy transformation.




Most automobiles need some form of fuel in order for it come crank.

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The fuel shop chemical potential energy within the molecules. This energy is convert by the engine right into thermal energy. Climate it"s converted into mechanical energy, which provides the automobile move.

Remember thermal energy is likewise heat energy. Together the engine continues to run, the temperature increases. This is one indicator that some of the energy from the fuel is being converted to heat instead of mechanically energy.



Have you ever roasted marshmallows over a camp fire? A fire converts chemical power that is stored in the wood into thermal energy. The thermal power keeps friend warm and is good for roasting those marshmallows to do s"mores.

Electrical Energy


Electrical devices such as hair dryers, toasters, and also televisions all convert electrical energy into other forms.

A flat iron, an electric toaster and a oven all convert electrical power into thermal energy. A television converts electrical energy right into sound and light energy. Lightbulbs transform electric power into light energy. A hair dryer converts electrical energy right into thermal and sound energy.



When you eat:

her body switch the chemical potential power from the food right into usable energy for you to function.

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The chemical potential power is took in and supplies your cells v the important nutrients providing your body through energy.