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\"Move On up A small Higher\" is a gospel song written by W. Herbert Brewster, first recorded by Brother john Sellers in so late 1946, yet most famously tape-recorded on September 12, 1947, by gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, a version that offered eight million copies. The song was honored with the Grammy room of Fame compensation in (1998). In 2005, the Library of congress honored the track by adding it come the national Recording Registry. The was likewise included in the list of song of the Century, by the Recording market of America and the national Endowment because that the Arts, and is in the Rock and Roll hall of call as one of the 500 songs that shaped rock. More »

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One a-these morningsSoon one morningI\"m gonna lay down my crossGet me a crownSoon one eveningLate in the eveningLate in the evening I\"m going home to live on highSoon as my feet strike ZionLay down my heavy burdensPut on my robe in GloryGoin\" home, one day, and tell my storyI been climbing over hills and also mountains Gonna drink indigenous the Christian fountainYou know, every a-God\"s sons and also daughters, the morningWill be drinking that ol\" healing waterAnd we gonna live top top foreverWe gonna live top top foreverWe gonna live on, increase in Glory after whileI\"m goin\" the end sight-seeing in BuelahMarch all roughly God\"s alterGonna walk and also never acquire tiredGonna fly, Lord, and also never falterI\"m gonna relocate up a little higherGonna accomplish ol\" male DanielI\"m gonna relocate up a little higherGonna fulfill the Hebrew ChildrenI\"m gonna move up a tiny higherGonna accomplish Paul and also SilasI\"m gonna relocate on increase a small higherGonna fulfill my friends and also kindredI\"m gonna relocate on up a little higherGonna satisfy my love motherI\"m gonna relocate on increase a tiny higherGonna fulfill that Lily of the ValleyI\"m gonna feast v the climbed of SharonIt will be constantly howdy howdyIt will be always howdy howdyIt will certainly be always howdy howdyAnd never ever goodbyeOh, will certainly you it is in there early one morningWill you be there, somewhere \"round God\"s alterWill you it is in there, oh, as soon as the angels shall contact God\"s rollGod to know I\"ll it is in waiting, hmmmYes, I\"ll be watching what \"round God\"s alterWell, I\"ll be waiting, oh, in ~ the beautiful, yes, gold gatesWell, well, shortly as mine feet to win ZionGonna lay down my heavy burdensGonna put on mine robe in GloryI\"m walking home, one day, tell mine storyI been climbing over hills and also mountainsI\"m gonna drink indigenous the Christian fountainYou understand all God, God\"s sons and daughters that mornin\"Will drink the ol\" healing waterMeet me there, early on one morningjMeet me there, what \"round the alterMeet me there, oh, when the angels shall call God\"s roll

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Mahalia Jackson Mahalia Jackson ( /məˈheɪljə/ mə-HAYL-yə; October 26, 1911 – January 27, 1972) was an American gospel singer. Possessing a an effective contralto voice, she was referred to as \"The Queen the Gospel\". Jackson came to be one of the most prominent gospel singers in the world and was heralded globally as a singer and also civil rights activist. She was defined by entertainment artist Harry Belafonte together \"the single most powerful black mrs in the united States\".

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She recorded around 30 albums (mostly for Columbia Records) during her career, and her 45 rpm records consisted of a dozen \"golds\"—million-sellers. An ext »