Which financial system leaves production decisions completely up come the producers?

An financial system the leaves manufacturing decisions fully up come the producers is a FREE-MARKET ECONOMY. In this form of economy, prices of commodities and also services is mainly determined by the open up market and its consumers.

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Which ideal describes the system in a mixed economy?

A mixed economic system is a system that combines aspects of both capitalism and also socialism. A mixed financial system protects exclusive property and enables a level of financial freedom in the use of capital, however also permits for federal governments to interfere in economic tasks in bespeak to achieve social aims.

What is a centrally to plan economy? A centrally planned economic climate is a device in which central government officials do all economic decisions.

Who renders the important economic decisions in a free-market economy?

One that the many important qualities of a sector economy, likewise called a complimentary enterprise economy, is the role of a limited government. Most financial decisions are made by buyers and also sellers, not the government.

Who controls production in a command economy?

In a command economy, the government controls significant aspects of financial production. The federal government decides the way of production and owns the sectors that develop goods and also services because that the public.

Which factor plays the largest function in financial decisions in a traditional economy?

Answer: service strategies pat the largest duty in financial decisions in a industry economy.

Which is financial system leaves manufacturing decisions fully up to the producers?

Which economic system leaves manufacturing decisions totally up come the producers? free-market economy According come the circular-flow model, i m sorry is something consumers execute that impacts producers? purchase goods and also services Which outcomes from the reality that a free-market system is based upon the complimentary choices the consumers and also producers?

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Who space the producers in a command economy?

In a command economy, who tells producer what and how lot to produce? government planners i m sorry is no the job of the federal government in a free-market system? guaranteeing equality girlfriend MIGHT likewise LIKE… 34 ethics of business economics TextbookMediaPremium $23.99 1.06 various Ways to Play (Part 2) 10 terms tyradical

Which is the finest description the a to plan economy?

Planned system: A planned economic situation is an financial system in i beg your pardon decisions regarding production and investment room embodied in a arrangement formulated through a main authority, normally by a government agency.

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How walk government control the factors of production?

In a to plan economy, federal government controls the factors of production: In a true communist economy, there is no personal property—everyone owns the factors of production. This type of planned economy is called a command economy. In a socialist economy, over there is some private property and also some private regulate of industry.