The price is D) If x=19, then 2x-3=35proofIf x=19, 2(19)-3=38-3=35 so If x=19, climate 2x-3=35 is verifiedif 2x-3=35, therefore 2x=35 + 3, 2x=38 indicates x = 19, for this reason x =19 is verified If x=19 if and only if 2x-3=35

D) If x=19, then 2x-3=35

Step-by-step explanation:

A) If x > 0, then lxl >0,

L.H.S. X > 0,

R.H.S. Lxl >0 ⇒ ± x > 0

⇒ L.H.S. ≠ R.H.S.

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B) If x = 3 climate

L.H.S. X = 3,

R.H.S. ⇒ x = ± 3

⇒ L.H.S. ≠ R.H.S.

C) If , then x=2

L.H.S. ⇒ x = ± 2,

R.H.S. X = 2,

L.H.S. ≠ R.H.S.

D) If x=19, climate 2x-3=35

L.H.S. X = 19,

R.H.S. 2x-3=35 ⇒ 2x = 38 ⇒ x = 19

⇒ L.H.S. = R.H.S.

⇒ choice D is correct.




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