Many world are looking online to shot and find out the MLM agency with the most six figure earners ($100,000+ per year earners).

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This is a very complicated question to answer OBJECTIVELY, since most companies perform not publicly re-publishing this information.

If I had actually to guess which MLM firm has the many six figure earners, ns assume it is just one of the bigger MLM Companies, because they have actually millions of distributors and do BILLIONS of dollars in sales every year. Obviously, a agency doing billions the dollars in sales annually will have more six number earners than a small company law a few million dollars per year in sales. Make sense?

If the is the case, companies choose Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, Vorwerk, Herbalife, Primerica, Forever living Products, Melaleuca, and Nu Skin probably have the many six number earners.


Only about 10-20 network marketing providers have ever before exceeded the billion dollar note for annual sales. While many other companies offer many hype, very few companies success on a cool scale. With that much revenue, you recognize a an excellent amount the distributors space earning a six figure income.

If I had actually to pick one or two companies that ns think optimal the list, I’d guess that either Amway or Herbalife have actually the most $100,000 annual income earners.

In regards to revenue, they are two the the largest direct sales companies in the world. They every have an ext than one million distributors worldwide. To clarify, ns am not affiliated through either of these 2 companies.

A lot of civilization visit my website and tell me the Primerica has an ext six figure earners than any kind of other direct sales agency in the world. They speak this because Primerica posting their peak earners. I think the is a an excellent thing, but most service providers don’t publicly share the info. And just because they don’t share the information publicly, doesn’t average they have fewer success stories.

If all suppliers posted how many world earned what amount, this would be a really easy question to answer.

MLM company with the many Six number Earners

Here space some comments my recent website travellers posted. Store in mind, this are just their opinions, no necessarily facts.

“Large circulation does not guarantee huge earnings. I do not see just how selling mar Kay or Amway products will knife a lot of of world a six number income. The percentage received is as well negligible. One requirements to have huge volume of sales, which do it harder to compare to a company like Primerica where you have the right to make residual earnings in addition to building a basic shop.” ~ Anonymous

My Response: Just come to be someone earns smaller sized commissions per sale walk not mean there room fewer successful civilization in the agency earning a an excellent income, when contrasted to a company that sell high ticket items. Effective distributors in these huge companies make many of your money from your team’s full sales, not simply their personal sales.

“Whether you prefer it or no Primerica does have actually the many 100k a year earners 2,600 plus. The is the most any company has. Look the up. They likewise have the many 50k earners, and also most million dollar earners yearly. Maybe since their intentions are actually to aid their client thus they only sell term once they could actually make much more commissions marketing the various other crap various other insurance organ sell. God rewards those that do an excellent for people.” ~ truth Giver

My Response: are those 2,600 six figure earners currently earning six number incomes each year with the company, or is that cumulative due to the fact that the company an initial started? If it’s cumulative, which ns think the is, it’s impressive, however I doubt it’s the peak company.


“I to be told by a mar Kay rep the they had the many $100k earners in their agency so I started looking right into it. I found that the Primerica civilization are the most vocal around being the firm with the most, yet from what I have actually seen I’m not so sure about that. The DSA mathematics cracks me up because Primerica is among two financial establishments listed. As soon as you think about how many tubes of lipstick or just how much soap you would have to sell to do $100k every year, fine that simply does no sound appeal to me, although I’m certain the occupational environment and also leadership makes it better. The firm I occupational with has actually over 20,000 totally licensed agents (life, collection 6 and also 63) v an average income of around $250k per year. I appreciate the hearts of Primerica people and I evaluate what they stand for, however I think their opinions gain in the method of reasonable sometimes. That knows perhaps they space King but the way they are always in her face around it provides me think they space trying to comprise for something.” ~ truth Seeker

My Response: as soon as again, network marketing is no about personal selling. It’s about leverage with a team. It’s about a lot of human being doing a tiny bit, not one person doing a lot. There is a substantial difference in between direct selling and network marketing.

“Tell them big D!!!! Not only that, but Primerica pays much more money per representative then any kind of other company. We room a wealth structure machine. There will always be money in the money business. Attach that come doing appropriate by people and less the 2% sector penetration and you have actually the greatest firm in the world!” ~ Future Ring Wearer

My Response: Your firm is a good company, however please mention a source where that pays much more per representative than any kind of other firm in our industry.

“You’d it is in wrong ~ above Amway or Herbalife. The answer is Primerica, v over 2,600 people with cash-flows in overfill of $100,000, 68 of i beg your pardon boast yearly incomes over 7-figures. At any kind of given time over there are approximately 10,000,000 members in the DSA (Direct selling Association), and also only 6,000-7,000 the those 10 million do a 6-figure income.”

My Response: Please display some kind of proof that these 2,600 human being are existing six figure earners, no one-time, or past six figure earners.


“Primerica typically has approximately 100,000 licensed agents, which provides up approx. 1% that the DSA, however we have over 40% OF all $100,000+!!! ns hear world from various other companies (like Amway) bragging around their “sales volume”; and??? The success of YOUR company is measure in CASH-FLOW, end of story! and when it pertains to that, in direct Selling, Primerica is KING!” ~ large D

My Response: Please point out your resource where your agency makes up much more than 40% of every six number earners in our industry.

My Analysis

As you have the right to tell from these comments, there is a many hype the end there about which MLM firm has the many six figure income earners.

Everyone that responds merely says the name of their company as the leader. I don’t see how responses like that can be objective, especially without providing any kind of source or documentation.

We more than likely will never REALLY know the answer come this question, yet it would be funny to uncover out.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please tell me what friend think is the MLM agency with the many six number earners.