I have actually completed every the pursuits in bloodmyst and also now have actually no various other quests. What is the next step in the herbal draenei questing progression


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When in doubt, girlfriend can always use the adventure guide to identify your following steps. The genuine answer here is girlfriend actually have quite a few different options. ~ bloodmyst isle, the Draenei pursuits are pretty much done. Wow leveling is full of a bunch of tiny stories the only expectations one or a select couple of zones. There’s not lot of a constant story transparent the zones, except for within the extend (and even there, you will certainly out-level it before you complete it). So choose whichever zones look interesting to you and go nuts!

My recommendation would it is in to move on to zones around stormwind, due to the fact that it’s the alliance capital, you’ll desire to get acquainted with it, and also it’s nice to be nearby.

So what you need to do is monitor the roadway west indigenous the Exodar, there you'll uncover a boat that will certainly take you come Darkshore. I can then one of two people walk come the search hub on the shore, or you deserve to take one more boat heading because that Stormwind.

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I think girlfriend should've obtained a quest at some point that would send you come Exodar or Stormwind and there you need to have much more quests that send friend to various other zones. Alternatively you can use the adventure overview to choose up a beginning quest for among the available zones


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