i missed the HM03 Surf ~ the gym battle and now ns can"t find a way to progress in the game.

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Where can I acquire it? The man who is supposed to offer it come me, i beg your pardon is in the home next come the gym, now simply says that his boy Wally is not there anymore

Now I"m stuck and can"t uncover a way to learn this move.

Any clues?



You need to collect 5 badges prior to you get HM03

When you an initial arrive in Petalburg City, you"re no able to an obstacle the gym leader there, that tells you to come ago once you have actually 4 various other badges. Only once you have actually done that and also returned to beat the Petalburg Gym, obtaining the Balance Badge, will you be provided HM03. You"ll recognize you"ve got to this point when your trainer card shows the appropriate badges and the doors in ~ the earlier of the first room the the Gym space unlocked.

If this is your an initial time in Petalburg, having just beat Wally because that the very first time, friend should continue to the northwest in the direction of Rustboro, then eventually to the southwest come speak to Mr. Briney to reach Dewford.



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