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The gen 3 games introduced among the best TM rosters in every main collection games, to the allude that generation IV just increased the initial 50 TMs without transforming any from the original set.

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And if she diving ago into the initial RSE titles, yes a lot of of an excellent TM moves to choose from.

For this ranking we’ll cover some of the ideal ones come track down and assist you finish your next playthrough.

10. TM46 (Thief)


Thief is a valuable move for stealing organized items native wild Pokémon.

This is one of the easiest method to acquire the development item Dragon range (which you deserve to only acquire from wild Horsea or wild Bagon).

This move is especially important in Emerald, since completing the Pokédex will reward friend with among the Johto Starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile.

Personally, Kingdra was the last Pokémon I essential in Pokémon Emerald, and I had to grind and also look because that Horsea for hours.

Using Thief rather of catching them all was a substantial time save.

As a Dark-type move, friend can gain some use out the Thief versus Tate and also Liza, and Phoebe, and Steven’s Claydol and also Wally’s Gardevoir.

Where come get: Oceanic Museum as soon as you beat Team Magma (Ruby) or Team Aqua (Sapphire/Emerald)

9. TM30 (Shadow Ball)


Shadow ball is an obtainable and powerful Ghost-type relocate that ranking on virtually all our TM lists.

With the lack of powerful Dark-type move in RSE, Shadow round stands together a an excellent cover because that Psychic-types and also Ghost-types.

It’s also really convenient come get, since as shortly as friend can acquire TM30, the following gym is Tate and also Liza – the Psychic-type Gym Leaders.

But Shadow sphere is likewise a reputable counter against Phoebe.

Where to get: Mt. Pyre 6F (southern side)

8. TM19 (Giga Drain)


In a Hoenn that has actually “too much water”, and lots that trainers filled v Grass-type weaknesses near the finish of the game, Giga drainpipe is just useful.

It’s not just reliable to transaction damage, but additionally useful to cure a the majority of HP.

Emerald provides the most out that Grass-types because twins Tate and also Liza, and Juan adds an ext Pokémon through Grass weakness, yet Ruby/Sapphire still find Giga drainpipe useful because both Kyogre and also Groudon is weak to Grass-types

You have the right to use Giga Drain against Tate and also Liza, Wallace, Juan, and also Glacia, as well as Steven’s Claydol.

Where come get: path 123 (north near soft soil)

7. TM22 (Solar Beam)


If you’re playing Pokémon Ruby, when you obtain Groudon and add it to her team, you’re guaranteed infinite sunny weather till your opponent transforms the weather.

And when the sunlight is up, Solar Beam doesn’t have to charge prior to dealing damage.

This efficiently makes that a powerful Grass-type strike without a drawback.

Just note that Wallace, Juan, Glacia, and Drake can adjust the weather using one of their Pokémon. In Glacia’s case, Walrein is the only one without Hail.

Where come get: Safari zone Northwest Area (requires Mach Bike and Surf)

6. TM25 (Thunder)


If you’re play Pokémon Sapphire, then you deserve to expect a the majority of Rainy weather in battle.

And here’s a truth some players nothing know: while that raining, Thunder does not miss.

So this is kinda prefer the opposite indistinguishable of Solar Beam.

But Thunder is far better than Solar Beam, due to the fact that Wallace and Juan can’t readjust the weather here since they additionally have Rain Dance.

Glacia and Drake deserve to still change the weather using one of their Pokémon, though. In Glacia’s case, many of she Pokémon have actually Hail, so it is the just tricky fight to maintain.

Where to get: Lilycove Department save for 5500 PokéDollars

5. TM26 (Earthquake)


Earthquake is always reliable in any kind of main collection game, since it’s powerful yet an extremely accurate v no drawbacks.

Earthquake sees usage as a reliable counter to Steven in Ruby/Sapphire, yet it lacks more coverage external Steven compared to Fire-types.

But I need to say, Earthquake is quiet very useful due to the fact that it’s tho a strong neutral relocate for Pokémon lacking a reliable Physical attack.

Where come get: Seafloor Cavern (deepest room, calls for Strength)

4. TM50 (Overheat) / TM35 (Flamethrower)


Fire-types room pretty useful in Hoenn.

Especially in Ruby and Sapphire whereby the champion is a Steel-type specialist.

While Overheat is an ext powerful and also easier to get, if you have actually the coins and you’re willing to hang approximately the Mauville video game Corner, you can opt because that Flamethrower.

And permit me say, gaining Flamethrower at an early stage is exceptionally helpful.

Overheat is an excellent enough, however you might need to switch out frequently to reset the stat debuff the has.

Where to get: Lavaridge Gym price (Overheat) / Mauville Game corner for 4000 coins (Flamethrower)

3. TM24 (Thunderbolt)


I’d controversy Thunderbolt have the right to be exceptional to Thunder, just due to the fact that it can hit much more and you can get it quicker.

And it’s valuable regardless of version you’re playing.

Plus it’s also convenient that TM24 is accessible just before Winona, the Flying-type Gym Leader. Was that on purpose? had to be, right?

Where come get: reward after completing Wattson’s new Mauville request, Mauville Game corner for 4000 coins

2. TM13 (Ice Beam)


Like Thunderbolt, friend can gain Ice Beam without spending coins in the Mauville Game edge (although that is in over there too).

This move is super beneficial as soon as friend can get it, i beg your pardon is before Winona.

Or if girlfriend hang about Mauville long sufficient playing slots. That’s always an option.

Ice Beam’s most valuable moment is against Drake, that has 4 Pokémon which room double weak to Ice-types (this only uses to 3 of his Pokémon in Emerald).

Where come get: abandoned Ship (Storage Closet), Mauville Game corner for 4000 coins

1. TM31 (Brick Break)


Fighting-types cover a many of great monsters in the elite Four.

And if friend don’t have a Fighting-type on her team, Brick break is just plain valuable as a coverage move.

It’s more than likely the many reliable Fighting-type relocate you deserve to learn via TMs, compared to the situational focus Punch.

It additionally helps the Brick Break has a great distribution.

This move additionally pairs well with Fire-types once you’re going against Steven. Fire and Fighting moves basically cover all of Steven’s Pokémon.

Where come get: Sootopolis City (Western House)

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