Where carry out you obtain the leaf stone in Pokemon Emerald?

The Leaf stone can only be derived in Pokemon Emerald by trading a environment-friendly Shard through the Diving endowment Hunter on route 124 near Mossdeep City. The Leaf rock is crucial to evolve specific Pokemon. A shard is a fragment from an ancient tool that have the right to be traded in Generation 3 with the Diving endowment Hunter.

What perform you perform with the water stone in Pokemon Emerald?

The one ~ above the left has the Water Stone. The Water stone is provided for evolving particular water-type Pokémon — without it, this Pokémon won’t evolve, also if friend level them up constantly. See listed below for evolutions that require the Water stone in Pokémon Emerald.

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Evolves to…

Where can you to buy elixir in Pokemon Emerald?

Purple kecleon is right, girlfriend can’t buy them yet in emerald over there is the chance that a Pokemon level 91-100 through pick up has actually a 3% chance of choose up a max elixir and also a Pokemon level 61-80 has actually a 1% cahnce of choose up elixir gain it in victory road with itemfinder ~ above emerald

Where carry out you obtain a green shard in Pokemon Emerald?

You will need to find a green Shard and also trade it through the treasure Hunter, his house is top top a tiny island, west that Mossdeep. Friend will need Dive and you have to beat Liza and also Tate (at the very least you’re acquiring that Sharpedo