Billy decides that is time to collection his puppies, for this reason he walks to the depot. Upon arriving, the looks inside and also sees the stationmaster in ~ work. That becomes an extremely anxious and paces ago and forth along the platform. The stationmaster notices him and also comes out. To rest the ice, the...

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Billy decides it is time to collect his puppies, for this reason he walks come the depot. Top top arriving, the looks inside and also sees the stationmaster in ~ work. He becomes very anxious and paces ago and forth along the platform. The stationmaster notices him and comes out. To break the ice, the stationmaster strikes up a casual conversation through Billy around the weather. Climate he scans the boy’s appearance and asks him wherein he lives. As soon as the narrator tells him, he notifies him the he is wait for a boy from that area called Billy Colman to take distribution of two hound pups. The answers the he is Billy Colman. Climate the stationmaster take away him inside the depot to obtain his puppies.

once the stationmaster mirrors Billy his puppies, that feels paralyzed v excitement. The puppies walk as much as him, and also he embraces them for a couple of minutes. Climate he cuts two holes in the bag he is carrying and also places the puppies’ heads v the feet so they can breathe together he carries them home. He leaves the station and begins his trip home. Together he exit the town, number of boys gather about him and corner the in a doorway. One ~ the other, the guys fight Billy. Although he defeats three of them, he realizes the he cannot success the fight due to the fact that there are just too numerous of them. The guys overwhelm him and also beat him till the town’s sheriff arrives and chases castle away.

The sheriff helps Billy up from the ground and also takes him into one the the marvelous shops because that a strawberry soda. As Billy enjoys the an initial soda he has ever had, the sheriff asks the a few questions. As soon as he realizes that Billy has actually walked much more than thirty mile to retrieve his puppies, the sheriff is pertained to that the is one unsafe street to take trip alone. Billy reassures him the he is very familiar v the territory and also that he deserve to travel the street safely. That gathers his pups and the presents he purchased because that his family and leaves the town.

Billy walks the end of the town and also through the hills and also forests on the means home. In ~ nightfall, he makes camp in a cave, wherein he and the puppies will invest the night. He builds a fire and feeds his puppies. Then he eats his evening meal. Together he the town hall his puppies, that notices that the boy pup and also the girl pup manifest differences in personality. The young pup is courageous and also impetuous, when the girl pup is deliberate and shrewd. Billy proceeds to watch them till he drops asleep.

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during the late hrs of the night, the boy and the puppies space awakened through a shrieking howl. A hill lion is outside the enntrance gate to the cave. The puppies bark and also howl, identified to protect themselves and also their owner indigenous the large cat. Billy remembers that his father once told the that hill lions are afraid fire, so he begins to heap timber onto the fire, and the blazing flames frighten the cat away.