The Soup Kitchen is situated in the Neopian Marketplace. Everyday, the Soup Faerie prepares tasty soup in her giant magical cauldron and she supplies a enjoy the meal to the poor, famished and also bony Neopets. She kindness is possible because that the donations made come the Money Tree . Top top January 31st of Y9, the Neopet News was dedicated to soup and the Soup Kitchen was opened to all Neopets for this an extremely special occasion!

Follow this link to visit the Soup Kitchen, or simply click on the residence shaped like a cauldron in the Neopian Marketplace .

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Mmmmmmmm! This soup is delicious!

The Soup Faerie will only accept come feed her pets if you room really poor. In fact, she will refuse come hand you a wooden spoon and also a bowl of soup if girlfriend possess more than 3,000 NP. It includes the neopoints that are in your bank account, in her shop till and what you have on-hand. If you space poor, you will certainly see photos of your pet and their hunger status. You can feed every of her pet with soup till they are bloated for free! They will certainly surely evaluate the different selection of soup the are accessible at the Soup Kitchen.


Soups & various other Stuff

When girlfriend feed her pet in ~ the soup kitchen you"re re-directed come a brand-new page the tell girlfriend what kind of soup your pet had or a nice thank you from your pet for feeding them. Simply for laughs we have complied a list of soups and also other points your pet says. This is really simply for fun as the type of soup has actually no impact at all when using the Soup Kitchen.

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"Fantastic - Mulligatawny soup is mine favourite!""Two in a key Mushroom and Chokato - wow!""Ewwww... asparagus and chutney soup isn"t that nice...""Mmmmmmmm Potato and also Leek - you"re the best!!""This vegetable soup is nice, however why is over there a lump of dung floating in it?!""Turnip Broth... Thats my favourite sort :)""Negg Soup, lovely!""But there is no soup in this bowl... Ohhhh, it"s invisible soup!""Mmmmmmmm Chicken and also Vegetable, mine fave!""Well i really wanted Minestrone, however that will certainly do.""Golden Juppie Soup, ns didn"t think such a thing existed!""Yum Yum!!! Lamb Broth Rules!!!""Starberry Soup - my Favourite!""AIEE!!! This Cornupepper soup is incredibly hot!"

Aside from telling you what castle ate, your neopet might likewise have some sort words because that you:

"That is really nice tasting soup!""Thanks!!! I essential that!""Mmmmmmmm thanks I required that!""Thanks i was really hungry""That is part fine tasting soup!"



The Soup Faerie avatar is randomly awarded when feeding your pets in ~ the Soup Kitchen. If you room too affluent to eat at the Soup Kitchen, you can temporary move all Neopoints to your side account, making use of the commerce Post, and also then feed her famished pets in ~ the Soup Kitchen until you acquire the avatar.