Car air conditioning systems require the development valve, or orifice tube, changed if the AC is blowing warmth air or the AC device is broken.

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If your air conditioning (AC) has been less than useful this summer, it may be the expansion valve (also recognized as an orifice tube). AC growth valves regulate the circulation of refrigerant through the AC system and if the valves stops working they can reason problems v the totality system. Diagnosing your car’s air conditioning system might reveal the your development valve or the orifice tube demands to it is in replaced.

Replacing an growth valve calls for special equipment and also there are a variety of laws concerning handling refrigerants. So it is strongly recommended that you connect a professional to perform this job. Yet if you want to handle this job yourself, there may be methods to get help with the heavy equipment.

Part 1 of 4: Evacuating the system

Materials Needed

AC manifold gauge setRefrigerant identifierRefrigerant restore systemSafety glassesWorkshop manual

Step 1: identify the refrigerant. Making use of the business manual, situate the low press fitting the the 2 AC company fittings on the car and connect the refrigerant identifier to the car. The refrigerant identifier will certainly take a little sample the the refrigerant in the system and also tell friend if it is recoverable or not.

This is necessary for two reasons:

One, because recovering contaminated refrigerant will certainly not only damages the equipment, that will spread out the damages like a virus come every automobile that is later hooked up to that equipment.

Two, there have been part unscrupulous workshops who, in stimulate to conserve money top top refrigerant, have been filling AC systems with butane which causes an explosion hazard.

The refrigerant identifier will suggest what form refrigerant your car has and also whether the refrigerant is clean enough to recover. Cars made in the 1980s may still usage R12 refrigerant, while car made because 1990 will usage R135 A refrigerant. The refrigerant must be recovered by the proper equipment. If you find out the refrigerant is contaminated, in deserve to only be withdrawn native the system right into a dedicated storage container because that disposal.

Step 2 recoup the refrigerant. Girlfriend can connect the recovery system straight to the car, or affix it via the manifold gauges. Refrigerant is recovered utilizing the low push port ~ above the system.

Open the valve top top the warehouse tank, revolve on the switch and let the machine chug away until it sounds an alarm. This could take as lot as 20 minute if the system is full. If you can not get access to the appropriate recovery an equipment by get loan or renting, you can have a mechanic involved your house and evacuate the mechanism for you.

Part 2 that 4: replacing the expansion valve

Materials Needed

Allen wrenchesNew development valveO-ringsRefrigerant oilSafety glassesScrewdrivers, both blade and also phillipsSocket wrench set (1/4 drive)Wrenches, open finished Workshop manual

Step 1: locate the development valve. It’s best to buy your development valve and also O-rings prior to you begin since the wait conditioning system should not be “open” for any type of longer than necessary. If you can’t complete the project all in ~ once, you need to plug any disconnected present to store atmospheric humidity from start the system.

Use her workshop hands-on to identify whether your automobile uses an development valve and also where the is located. Cars that don’t have actually an expansion valve will use an Orifice pipe which is covered in a later on section.

If you are lucky, the growth valve will certainly be located somewhere under the hood, under the cowl or close to the firewall. If you aren’t, it may be located under the dashboard and also you’ll obtain to invest the next pair of hrs working while laying upside under in a an extremely tight space.

Some car will call for removing the heat-exchanger box from the automobile in stimulate to access the part. If you have actually trouble detect the expansion valve, follow the high push line native the receiver-dryer toward the firewall, it might disappear into a trim panel or a cowl panel which you will have to remove.

If you don’t discover the growth valve under the panel, you’ll have to remove the panels under the dashboard and look for it ~ above the various other side.

Step 2: remove the expansion valve. The growth valve will have at the very least two refrigerant currently going come it and may have a fine capillary tube together well. Some models have four lines the are organized on through fastening plates.

There may likewise be a capillary tube with a flare seed connecting to among the bigger lines, or it might be placed into the evaporator core, wherein it deserve to sense the evaporator temperature. It have to be feasible to simply pull the tube out of the evaporator with the feet in the evaporator case.

Step 3: replace the O-rings. Anytime an wait conditioning line is disconnected, the O rings have to be changed with new ones.

O-rings have to be wet in the ideal refrigerant oil prior to use. Just put part oil in a small dish and also throw all her O-rings in it prior to you begin disconnecting the valve, and they will be prepared for use by the time you require them. On slide them closely onto the disconnected lines.

Step 4 Reconnect the growth valve. Carefully re-connect the lines come the growth valve and also install the fasteners. It’s simple to gain them top top crooked, so if they perform not subject on easily, check and be certain that the connections are straight. Gently press the capillary tube ago into the evaporator instance through the hole whereby it came out. It must be a straight shot.

Part 3 of 4: change an orifice tube

If your mechanism uses an orifice tube rather of an growth valve, many of the procedures are virtually the same, the difference is the the orifice tube is situated Inside the line going come the evaporator.

Materials Needed

Orifice tubeOrifice tube extractor toolO-ringsNeedle-nosed pliersRefrigerant oilWorkshop manualWrenches, open up ended

Step 1: locate the orifice tube. The orifice tube will certainly be within the high-pressure heat to the evaporator. Many orifice tube systems have the evaporator under the hood or cowl, uncover where the line procedures up in size just before a joint. The orifice tube need to be in there.

Step 2: open the line. Once you break the connection, you have to see a plastic tab within the line. It may be possible to just pull that out v the needle nosed pliers, however if the doesn’t want to move easily, you must use the orifice tube extraction tool. The exploit tool deserve to be put into the pipe, and by transforming it will interact tabs on the orifice tube that are current to permit removal.

Notice if the screen is damaged or clogged through debris. If so, there might be damages elsewhere in the system.

Smear part refrigerant oil ~ above the o rings and insert the brand-new orifice tube right into the line. Observe the direction, it’s easy to placed it in backwards. The new orifice tube should have actually an arrowhead on that that have to go in pointing toward the evaporator. Put new O ring on the line and also re-connect the line.

Part 4 the 4: Recharging the AC system

Recharging the AC system is a procedure ideal left come trained personnel. The requires committed equipment and also the power of the system can vary widely depending upon weather it is done correctly. Installing precisely the best amount that refrigerant and also oil is an important which can only be done v the suitable equipment. Additionally, in some claims you need to be a certified technician in order come buy refrigerant.

For those reasons, it is strongly recommended the you have a expert recharge the system. If you desire to shot it yourself, follow this procedure for recharging the car’s air conditioning system.

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If you decide you don’t desire to spend a hot summer day working under your hood or upside down under the dashboard, or you just want come have help with the evacuation and recharge that the system, call a trained mechanic v all the essential equipment.