throughout one the the imperial assaults on a stormcloak fort, i accidentally picked up a new horse. This brought about Shadowmere to disappear (he had actually wandered off during the fighting) and also I"ve been unable to discover him. I"ve checked both sanctuaries, no lucky there, and I"ve killed the brand-new horse and also waited a while. No shadowmere.

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I've lost Shadowmere - where can I find her?I"ve found this answer, but the difference is the I"m not certain where I acquired the brand-new horse. Ns can"t use commands due to the fact that I"m top top xbox.

Any tips, or will certainly I have to say goodbye to my favorite destruction trainee?



There is a good chance that she is dead. Go back to the place from where you fast traveled and also you will probably find her corpse. Death all the adversaries in the region and wait 10 days, then she should appear when you rapid travel again due to the fact that companions room reset after ~ 10 job if lock die. If she doesn"t appear, inspect the small lake in former of the falkreath sanctuary.

If not, shot buying an additional horse and kill it. Shadowmere should end up being your default equine then and also might "respawn" when you fast travel.


The only options are:

Shadowmere died. Wait because that a couple of days and also go ago to the location he passed away the retrieve him.

Go come the nearest steady where your horses would be. Shadowmere have to be there .

Go to console and form the following:

prid 0009CCD81

moveto player

Shadowmere must teleport earlier to you.

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This operated for me, and also it functions for others so this answer could suit you.


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