Brock Lesnar is just one of the most decorated athletes of all time. The is a previous NCAA Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion and UFC Champion. His resume is easily the many impressive in expert wrestling history.

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His list of achievements are suitable by very few, and his sheer dominance in nearly every combat sports he has competed in is unparalleled. The same, however, cannot be said for his pro football career. His advocate, Paul Heyman, has actually mentioned countless times that Brock Lesnar is unstoppable and also resembles nothing close to a human being being.

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Contrary come what heyman pontificates ~ above television, The Beast Incarnate has actually met with failure. The has confronted adversity and has been made come look choose a just mortal. This is perfectly illustrated through the story of Brock Lesnar’s unsuccessful national Football league career.

The Dream

Brock Lesnar had a humble upbringing. He was born and brought up in Webster, southern Dakota - a city of 1,886 inhabitants. While the had occurred an attention in wrestling and also strength building, he was pretty much blown far by the sport of football, prefer an average American more than likely is.

Lesnar want to seek a job in football as a high institution student at the Webster High School. He critical played football together a high school senior in 1995. After ~ graduating indigenous the college of Minnesota, as a NCAA department I Heavyweight Champion, with an astonishing record of 106-5, there were number of career alternatives on the table because that the Next big Thing.

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However, Lesnar’s frustration increased with the consistent travelling and also the road schedule that the WWE, i beg your pardon comes v the money, perks and glamour that the business. Brock Lesnar made his decision well-known to the WWE, the he to plan to leave the WWE following the conclusion the Wrestlemania XX.

WWE was incredibly supportive the his decision and wished that the very best in his quest to achieve his long-standing goal.

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The Beast excels at the NFL Combine

After deciding the he was going to shot his hand in ~ the sports that very first caught his fancy, Brock Lesnar started training in Arizona, v the hopes of capturing the eye of the NFL franchises and making it come the practice squad.

Brock Lesnar shone during the NFL draft combine and registered some unbelievable numbers. The Draft combine is where prospects perform a collection of drills, including mental and also physical tests, in front of the basic managers, scouts and also officials from all the NFL franchises. 

Height: 6″3

Weight: 283 lbs

40 garden Dash Time: 4.7 seconds

Vertical jump height: 35 inches

Standing lengthy Jump distance: 10 feet

Bench Press: 225 lbs in ~ 30 reps

During this time, Lesnar was involved in an accident, once his motorcycle slammed into a minivan, resulting in him a catalogue of injuries including damaged jaw, fractured hand, pulled groin and also bruised testicles. Despite this, Brock Lesnar persisted with his training and also his prayers seemed to have been ultimately been answered.

His long-awaited dream of make it come the NFL to be fulfilled through Minnesota Vikings, together he to be selected for the exercise squad without any kind of prior major football experience.

Addition and also omission by the Minnesota Vikings

Despite experiencing a setback in kind of a motorcycle accident and sustaining multitude of injuries, Brock Lesnar fully recovered, and joined the Vikings roster in time for your pre-season preparations. Brock Lesnar was a favourite amongst his teammates, who respected him because that his hard work and willingness to improve.

Lesnar took #69 and also played protective tackle for the Vikings in the pre-season. Brock knew the one thing he didn’t have on his side was time. The is very complicated and challenging, also for the football player who execute go through a successful college career, to cracked the NFL nut.

Lesnar last played football as a high institution senior, and hence, that was constantly going to it is in an uphill battle for that in the NFL.

Lesnar participated in the two-month lengthy training camp through the Vikings and was featured in the pre-season. Unfortunately, that was all that he had actually to show for his NFL career, together he was omitted indigenous the final roster, that would make it through to the consistent season. A many factors added up and contributed come his not successful attempt of make it big in the NFL.

First the all, his human body was currently riddled with a the majority of injuries indigenous his time in the WWE, which to be the an outcome of constantly being on the road for 280 work a year. Even though he did recover from the accident and also managed to get involved in the maintain camp, that is safe to assume that he was much from fully healed.

While Brock Lesnar had the freak athleticism, strength and agility, his greatest drawback would have to be, that he didn’t necessarily have actually the footballing instincts and acumen the is compelled to succeed in ~ the greatest level.

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On the surface, it would certainly seem that a man with physical features like Lesnar, the would have the ability to make a seamless change to pro football. Together it was noticeable by his example, those attributes and skills that assisted him in wrestling and MMA, weren’t transferrable come the soccer field.