Okay therefore I"m sure many human being have seen this take place before and it often tends to occur apparently intentionally, in much more of a method to it seems to be ~ comical, but here is the instance for what i am talking about:

"You don"t desire to over-season the fish at all now..." -covers the whole bowl through seasoning- "Alright currently we"ll season the other side. Just remember to no season the too lot now..." -pretty lot uses whole bottle of seasoning-

So the first word I thought for this would certainly be a "hypocrite", however I don"t think it would accurately describe the case here. Come me, a hypocrite is an ext of this:

"Stop smacking while eat dude that"s annoying." -smacks loudly while eating-

Sorry if this doesn"t make any kind of sense, but I was simply wondering if there was another word (preferably a noun) that much more accurately defines the an initial example.

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meaning single-word-requests noun
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contradictory (Wiktionary) 3. That is diametrically opposed to something.

A usual idiom that explains the scenario defined by the OP would certainly be:practise what you preach

e.g. That TV cook"s advice is contradictory, the doesn"t practise what the preaches

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The guy"s a phony.

Another great word would certainly be mountebank, but it"s almost never used these days.


a human who sell quack medicines, together from a communication in publicly places, attracting and also influencing one audience by tricks, storytelling, etc.

any charlatan or quack.

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Hi, Ricky, I resolved a typo and copied and pasted essential component of the source.
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Inconsistent may apply:

Displaying or significant by a absence of consistency, especially:

not constant or predictable; erratic: inconsistent behavior. lacking in correct logical relation; contradictory: inconsistent statements.

The free Dictionary

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It could likewise be dubbed double standards: someone tells you no to execute something, climate does that point or allows others to execute it.

My ceo told me not to eat in ~ the desk, then walked straight previous my co-worker who was eating at his desk, without any kind of complaints might I add. She yes, really has dual standards.

See more: Thes A Passage Under Land Or Water Answers, Passage Under The Ground Or Water Answers

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