Head-on collisions space scary, and they have the right to leave civilization seriously injured or worse. If you’ve remained in a head-on accident or have lost a family member, girlfriend might have the ability to recover costs associated with those injuries or wrongful death.

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A head-on collision (also dubbed a “frontal” crash) is once cars steering in opposite direction crash front come front. Any kind of car accident can cause injury, yet statistics present that head-on crashes space even an ext likely to result in serious harm or fatality come the driver or passenger in one of two people vehicle.

The insurance allowance Institute because that Highway safety and security reported a 58% fatality price for vehicle occupants in frontal influence crashes in 2017. A head-on crash is much more likely in a landscape area, and 13% of all rural fatal crashes are head-ons. In city areas, fewer than 7% of fatal crashes are head-ons.

The chart below compares numbers of fatalities and also injuries together they relate to the total variety of crashes in 2015, together reported by the us Department the Transportation, national Highway Traffic safety Administration.

Type the collision and crash severityFatalInjuryTotalSource: Insurance info Institute, 2015
NumberPercent of complete fatal crashesNumberPercent of total injury crashesNumberPercent of total crashes

Causes the head-on collisions

Sometimes one accident is simply that—an accident. It can happen for a mechanical reason like brake fail or a strength steering outage.

But usually, a head-on accident is brought about when one driver is top top the wrong next of the road. Often, it’s due to the fact that of drunk or distracted steering (like driving if texting), unsafe passing, drowsy driving, or some various other kind of man behind the wheel choose an elderly human being who accidentally start a highway in the not correct direction.

aramuseum.org tip: never ever look at your mobile phone when driving. It only takes a 2nd or two for a vehicle to drift end the median right into oncoming traffic. Likewise, if you’re too worn down to drive, avoid for a rest. Fatigue has comparable effects on your body together drinking alcohol. A drunk driver have the right to still shot to react while driving slowly, but a drowsy driver have the right to spontaneously nod off while proceeding to journey at high speed.

There are various other reasons why a driver could swerve right into the the opposite lane, like if they’re staying clear of an animal, debris in the road, or one icy patch.

Establishing error in a head-on collision

That’s the first question that your insurance company will want answered.

The impact of a crash can send each automobile in a various direction, which way it can be difficult to know instantly how the crash occurred. Your personal injury attorney have the right to retain the services of an technician or accident restoration specialist who’ll recognize the reason of the accident and also who was at fault.

aramuseum.org tip: as soon as proving that was responsible for a automobile accident, “fault” way “legal liability.” The human who’s liable for an accident need to pay loss to the injured person or the surviving family members members.

If friend were injured or lost a family members member in a head-on collision, the at-fault driver’s insurance company should pay your claim. But the first step is the you need to establish that the other driver to be at fault.

Unfortunately, whether it’s an insurance claim or if it becomes a an individual injury lawsuit, the burden of proof is top top the plaintiff (the injured person or survivors) to create what they’re fan by the defendant (the at-fault driver).

Here’s what come look for:

Negligence. A driver is negligent if your conduct was outside of what’s supposed of a reasonable person. This could be control the wrong way on a one-way street, beginning a highway using an off-ramp, or control with too much speed.

Fault equipment by state

States manage fault differently. The court will identify the legal responsibility of both next in a head-on car accident. If the other driver to be intoxicated and also swerved right into your lane, the court can determine the he to be 95% at fault. However, it could additionally determine the if you had reacted secs sooner and also swerved the end of the way, the accident might not have actually happened. If that’s the finding, the court would certainly apportion girlfriend 5% the liability.

What happens from that suggest depends top top the state wherein the case is handled.


Fault equipment by State

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Crucial proof to prove liability in a head-on collision

There are measures you deserve to take to combine your situation after a auto accident. The nature that head-on collisions provides it much more likely that you would be severely injured, even if it is you’re the driver or a passenger. Your very first priority is to get aid for anyone who’s injured. If you’re able, contact 911 and get emergency responders to the step as rapid as possible.

Once you’ve obtained emergency medical treatment and also are able to resolve the legal and also insurance matters, begin to conference evidence. Obtain a copy the the police report and all medical records connected with the crash.

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Next, top an experienced an individual injury lawyer. Also if her insurance is managing the claim, as soon as it’s a large settlement or there are questions about fault, it’s necessary to get an attorney involved as soon as girlfriend can. Her lawyer will work on gathering extr evidence, retaining experts, and determining what you worthy in damages.

If girlfriend don’t currently have a lawyer you know and also trust, the aramuseum.org personal Injury legislation Firm catalog is a good place to start in recognize an attorney that will best represent her interests.

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