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The events of the story take ar in the fall.

Most the the action in The Outsiders happens in a short period of time. Once the story begins, the is fall. It is no much later that Johnny dies.

Pony is a kind kid, and he notices things like sunrises...

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The events of the story take ar in the fall.

Most the the activity in The Outsiders wake up in a short period of time. As soon as the story begins, that is fall. It is not much later on that Johnny dies.

Pony is a kind kid, and also he notices things like sunrises and also sunsets and also the changing of the seasons. We deserve to tell native the clothes human being are wearing the it is obtaining cooler but not the cold. Pony also specifically mentions the season.

The swimming pool was empty now in the fall, yet the fountain to be going merrily. High elm trees made the park shadowy and dark, and it would have been a good hangout, but we desired our vacant lot, and the Shepard outfit favored the alleys down by the tracks, therefore the park to be left to lover and little kids. (Ch. 4)

There space a pair of various other references come cold the seem to check that the story take away place approximately October. We recognize that institution is in session, but it is still warm enough to go approximately without a jacket.

Johnny and also I stretched out on our backs and looked at the stars. Ns was freezing--- it was a cold night and also all I had was that sweat shirt, yet I might watch stars in sub-zero weather. I witnessed Johnny"s cigarette glowing in the dark and wondered vaguely what that was like within a burn ember... (Ch. 3)

Since he provides a comparison tos sub-zero weather, it is no that cold yet. It is most most likely just gaining cooler because it is autumn.

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Even despite the exact month is not mentioned, it is clear the the story takes location over just a couple of days during fall at some point in the mid-sixties. It starts when Johnny and Pony satisfy Cherry, and then they need to run far after killing Bob. Not much much longer after the they space hiding in ~ the church when it captures fire, and also shortly after the Johnny dies as a an outcome of his injuries indigenous the fire.