Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” is a song that is based upon the vocalist’s encounter v a specific lady.This lady have the right to perhaps be stated to it is in a personification of her quintessential hip-hop star groupie, as the text read much more or less like your conventional rap-sex song.

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It commences v Weezy conference this separation, personal, instance in a club.And lengthy story short, they’re emotion each other.That is to say the she likes his style, and also he is impressed through her body.So after doing a bit of the society thing, i.e. Drinking, etc., they continue to acquire it top top sexually.

And as result of Wayne’s exemplary performance, including conducting sex that the oral kind on this lady, she climate proceeds come “lick” his very own nether regions “like a lollipop”.That is come say that she performs sex that the dental variant on that in one invigorated and also thorough manner.And homegirl doing so is stop say the ultimate manifestation of her emotion Weezy’s thugism or what have you.

In the 2nd verse, that is revealed, together implied in the first, that this individual we’re speak of currently has a boyfriend.However, she’s no feeling him, particularly in comparison to the vocalist himself.

So she and Lil Wayne continue to establish something favor a continuing romantic relationship, which consists primarily of sex.So the implicitly is that he convinced an currently discontent girlfriend to leaving her man.

In Conclusion

So ultimately we deserve to conclude that, in a an extremely roundabout method all points considered, that“Lollipop”is actually about what should have been a one-night stand emerging into a permanent relationship.And the reason there is together a high emphasis on sex transparent is because enjoyable intercourse is apparently the primary aspect that make the two parties take it there.



Co-writers Jonsin and also Deezle were responsible because that the manufacturing of this track.

When to be “Lollipop” released?

Wayne and his administration officially do “Lollipop” commercially available on in march 13 of 2008.


ElectropopDirty rap


In 2009 it winner a Grammy in the category of “Best lab Song”. The clip because that this track was called “Best i know good Hop Video” in 2008 at the MTV video Music Awards.

Was “Lollipop” a single release?

Yes. Single No.1 from the rapper’s album of 2008, “Tha Carter III”.


Unwrapped feat. Tony Royster Jr. (2009)Richard Cheese (2008)Framing Hanley (2008)Dave job (2009)


Below space songs that have sampled “Lollipop”:

Novakane feat. Yo Gotti – “Shawty Said” (2008)JJ – “Ecstasy (2009)”Girl speak – “Play Your component (Pt. 2)” (2008)Drake – “From Florida with Love” (2020)DJ Earworm – “Viva La Pop” (2008)David Banner feat. Lil Wayne – “Shawty Say” (2008)Chalie young – “Body Rock” (2008)

Chart Success the “Lollipop”

In enhancement to topping the warm 100 in the joined States, Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” likewise performed brilliantly in the adhering to regions:

UK – 26New zealand – 3France – 9Canada – 10Belgium – 6

Tha Carter III

Lollipopwas released in march 2008 together the an initial single indigenous Lil Wayne’s sixth studio album,Tha Carter III.Much that the album’s commercial success deserve to be attributed to the prevalent attentionLollipopgarnered.

Cash Money Records, universal Motown Records, and Young Money Entertainment taped the album. The featured renowned rappers and musicians such together Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Robin Thicke, Kanye West, and also T-pain. Famous American singer revolution Major, that sadly passed far in February 2008, was likewise credited posthumously and also appeared on the album’s most successful single, Lollipop.

The album to be nominated for a Grammy Award for Album the the Year, and also at the 2009 Grammy Awards, it won the Grammy award for best Rap Album.

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LollipopandA Milli, the album’s third and twelfth songs, got Grammy Awards for ideal Rap Song and Best laboratory Solo power at the 2009 Grammy Awards, respectively. The album to be ranked 103rd top top Billboard’s optimal 200 perform of the decade. The has additionally received a six-time platinum certification from the Recording sector Association of America (RIAA).

Due come a sue filed by Abko Music Inc., Play with Fire, the fourteenth track on the album’s initial tracklist was removed from all digital music stores and also replaced with another song titled Pu–y Monster