These celebs have actually rocked your grey hair. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty images

Many celebrities have actually rocked grey hair transparent the years, whether they got there naturally or did so v the help of some dye.

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Keep scrolling to see few of the ideal celebrity grey-hair looks.

Jamie Lee Curtis has worn her hair grey and white because that years v her iconic quick cut.

Jaime Lee Curtis has rocked both grey and white hair. Jon Kopaloff/Getty photos

The actress wears her hair quick with a natural whitish-grey colour the she plays up with bright-white outfits and also fashion-forward looks.

According to Yahoo News, Jamie Lee Curtis apparently quit dyeing her hair in 2017 because she want to stop putting “burning chemistry on she head.”

Steve Martin went grey by the time he remained in his 30s.

Steve Martin has actually been put on his natural, white hair for a while. Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The aramuseum.orgedian’s hair and beard were initially a dark brown, however the went prematurely grey by the moment he to be 32, follow to a Rolling rock profile native 1977.

Today, Steve Martin’s hair looks more white 보다 grey, yet it continues to be a clip of his look.

George Clooney has grey hair and a beard come match.

George Clooney has actually been dubbed a silver fox by part fans. Frederick M. Brown/Getty pictures

George Clooney has actually been rocking grey locks since about 2009. At that time, that joked that his grey hair was initially a shock come him when he observed it onscreen.

According come GQ, that said, “I to be watching ‘Up in the Air’ and I thought, ‘Jesus, who’s the old, grey-haired guy?’ and also it was me.”

Today, it appears Clooney has learned to take on the hue.

Idris Elba likewise has grey in his beard.

Idris Elba rocks a salt-and-pepper beard. Neil Mockford/GC photos

Idris Elba hasn’t gone aramuseum.orgpletely grey top top his head yet, but he’s got some silvery whiskers in his beard.

His beard additionally became one iconic clip to his look and also Elba has also said he has insecurities about shaving it for roles.

Kelly Osbourne is a huge fan that bottled-grey hair.

Kelly Osbourne is well-known for wearing she hair in various shades that silver, purple, and blue. Steve Granitz / Contributor/Getty pictures

Not every grey locks are natural. Kelly Osbourne is a large fan the silver and also grey hairstyles, and she often infuses them v lavender and purple tones.

“It’s other I’ve want to perform my totality life, I’ve always wanted to be young and also have grey hair,” Osbourne told “The Talk” in 2012, follow to the day-to-day Mail.

Diane Keaton has gone from blonde come grey in current years.

Diane Keaton offered to have blonde hair. Vera Anderson/WireImage

The actress debuted her fully grey locks during the 2014 golden Globes – trading her bottle-blonde days for a more natural hue.

She’s to be rocking it ever before since.

Andy Cohen has actually said he’s never ever dyed his hair.

Andy Cohen claimed he allow his hair revolve grey naturally Theo Wargo/Getty

The Bravo hold told pan in 2013 that he doesn’t colour his hair and he’s simply going with the flow when it aramuseum.orges to it walk grey.

“I promise girlfriend I’m no dyeing my hair,” he stated on his show “Watch What wake up Live with Andy Cohen” in 2013. “I’ve never .”

Helen Mirren has actually debuted many silver hairstyles.

Helen Mirren has been rocking light hair because that years. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In recent years, british actress Helen Mirren’s blonde locks have actually turned a silvery-white.

In a 2015 interview v The daily Mail, Mirren stated that women need to be fearless through their hair and not issue about changing with the times.

“I love it once I dyed mine hair pink. A the majority of women acquire stuck at what castle are good at and also what they did between the eras of 18 and also 28 and also they never have the courage to readjust that,” she called the publication. “Some world have a classic haircut and also it functions for them and that’s great, yet it’s much much better to accept just how you look at now and then be modern.”

Stacy London is well-known for her signature grey streak.

Stacy London made her grey streak her signature look. Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC pictures Stacy London told right into The Gloss that she faced severe psoriasis that interacted with strep throat as soon as she was a child, which, she said, is once her grey streak confirmed up.

She’s rocked the streak for her whole career as a fashion guru and also now states she’ll never component with it.

“There was a deep sense of insecurity that ns traded the grey streak in because that as type of a badge of honour,” she said. “Now, I even have a grey clause v Pantene, wherein I claimed ‘You deserve to do whatever you desire to my hair however you can’t dye my grey streak.’ It’s a component of me!”

Patrick Dempsey ended up being McDreamy with grey hair.

Patrick Dempsey is an additional iconic silver fox. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty photos

During his 10 year on “Grey’s Anatomy,” fans gained to see Patrick Dempsey’s dark locks turn a little silver.

On a connected note, Dempsey actually met his wife, Jillian Fink, at the hair shop she owned in the 1990s. They married in 1999 and also she’s still known to reduced his hair.

James Pickens Jr. Has actually a totally grey mustache now.

James Pickens Jr. Shows off the grey in his bread. Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Dempsey’s “Grey’s Anatomy” costar James Pickens Jr. Began on the display in 2005, and also his beard has actually gone grayer gradually as well.

He rocks it on the series and in actual life, too.

Since leaving “The day-to-day Show,” Jon Stewart has debuted a grey beard to complement his hair.

Jon Stewart taken on the grey beard watch after his retirement. Gary Gershoff/Getty pictures for Peabody

The aramuseum.orgedian had a head the grey hair on “The everyday Show,” but because he left in 2015, he’s likewise grown a grey beard.

The famously funny Jon Stewart is no stranger to cracking jokes about his changing appearance, either.

“This have to be so interesting for you to view me here,” he claimed at the 11th annual Stand Up for Heroes advantage in new York City in 2017, follow to The everyday Beast. “‘Oh, i can’t think it, it’s Jon Stewart’s grandfather!"”

Meryl Streep has actually starred in many movies through her grey tresses.

Meryl Streep supplied to have blonde hair. Dan MacMedan/WireImage Meryl Streep has actually let the organic grey grow into her blonde hair. Fans went wild because that the look, specifically when they experienced Streep with white hair in she iconic function asMiranda Priestly in “The devil Wears Prada.”

She rocked the over look at the 2018 Oscars in a stunning red dress.

Steve Carell’s confront spurred a thousands memes when fans realised he was nearly aramuseum.orgpletely grey in 2017.

Steve Carell starred ~ above the us version of ‘The Office.’ john Nacion/AP

When Steve Carell stepped out with a complete head that salt-and-pepper grey hair in 2017, fans went wild because that the look and also even developed memes to reflect their optimistic reactions.

Carell joked around the internet’s obsession with his hair v Entertainment Tonight later on that year, saying, “I to be so ailing of people just looking at me because that my physics attributes. It’s just genetic. There’s nothing I can do.”

He later on added, “I’m bursting with pride. That’s an extremely nice.”

Tan France rocks his top grey hair top top “Queer Eye.”

Tan France doesn’t try to hide his grey hair. Kris Pizzello/Invision/AP

The residents fashion guru on Netflix’s “Queer Eye” has actually never shied away from his prematurely grey tresses.

“I an extremely much embrace my hair, and even just how I’m walking grey early, which is an extremely typical for South eastern men,” Tan France told Refinery29 in 2018. “I embrace all of this things and also I expect it empowers other children who aren’t Caucasian to feel choose they should be empowered to be that they are.”

Lily Allen debuted she grey streaks on Instagram.

Lily Allen permit her herbal grey aramuseum.orge through. Lilyallen/Instagram

In June, singer Lily Allen take it come Instagram to present off her natural, grey-streaked locks. She captioned the photo with the grandma emoji.

Tia Mowry posted a selfie showing off she grey curls.

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Tia Mowry is rocking a salt-and-pepper Afro. TiaMowry/Instagram

This month, the “Sister, Sister” star post a photo of it s her on Instagram debuting her organic grey curls.

She captioned the post,” Y’all my #fro is growing!! #naturalhair.”