While the hey-day the the hat seems to havegone native our daily lives, there space many civilization who quiet wear hats (e.g.baseball caps, beanies, fedoras, trilby’s etc.) there room many species and stylesto it is in enjoyed.

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However, to truly enjoy wearing a cap it’sgood to know and also use the exactly etiquette – you’ll be amazed at how muchpeople will notification your manners. Your an excellent hat etiquette, generally ignored byothers, will demonstrate your warm and also welcoming uniqueness.

The baseball cap is probably the mostcommon cap worn by males today and often receive a negative press (by “style”experts) for being the ultimate casual head covering (and occasionally denigratedfor the general decrease in cap etiquette). If girlfriend wear a baseball cap this isthe chance to raise your and its profile by applying correct hatetiquette.



The first two pieces of hat etiquette(touching the brim and raising the hat – view below), is said to come frommedieval times. Knights in complete armor, when meeting each other, would certainly lifttheir helmet visors, permitting them to identify each other (as a friend orenemy). Lifting your visor in this way proved to be a authorize of respect (andfriendship - if a friend), i m sorry promulgated itself to the etiquette that hats.

The salute, in the uniformed branches ofthe military, is stated to share this straight origin also. A salute is given toshow respect because that the position organized by the human being (of exceptional rank) and notnecessarily for the person! So, in parallel, a gentleman uses hat etiquetteto all, nevertheless of exactly how they might feel about the individual.

Touching The Brim (a form of Salute)



At about 5 paces away, bring your appropriate hand approximately touch (a light grasp between your ignorance and an initial finger) the brim of your hat (just favor a salute) – this is a authorize of friendship and respect. If the cap is brimless then simply touching the hat, still favor a salute, is suitable. You may still walk on come shake hand after emotional your hat.


This is used specifically for conference maleacquaintances or friends, or masculine friends that friends.

1. Passing a maleacquaintance or friend in public.

If you stop and talk, touch your hat again,at your parting.

2. Walking through a masculine orfemale in public, once they happen a male friend that theirs.

As in no.1 above, if lock stop and also talk,touch your hat again, at your parting.

3. When you interrupt anunknown male in public.

This might be in order for them to carry out aservice for you (e.g. Come ask for directions, acquisition something native them etc.).In these circumstances you start the conversation v a suitable salutation (e.g.“Good morning…”, “Excuse me…”, “Forgive me…” etc.), whilst touching your brim.At the finish of this communication conclude v a suitable ending (e.g. “Thankyou”.) and also touch her brim accordingly.

Raising your hat to males have the right to be consideredan insult, together it might be inferred that you space “saying” you take into consideration them to bea female. Please note the exemption to this is once you satisfy a male: inauthority (e.g. Policeman), of note (e.g. Clergyman), or of exceptional positionto yourself (e.g. A an elderly employee, a politician etc.) – see raising your hat,below.

Raising your Hat



As you with the person or world in question, take hold of your hat (by the brim for baseball caps and also by the crown because that all various other hats). Raise your hat (by about a palms distance), slightly in front of your head and also slightly tilted forward and also look in ~ the human you are greeting. This action of “tilting” guarantee the interior of the hat is no shown, as this is considered rude – no doubt because of the opportunity of sweat marks, hair, grime, dust etc. Gift on display.


This is usually used for conference females in public yet there room alsoother cases your cap is to it is in lifted:

1. As soon as passing a female girlfriend in public.

However, if friend stop and also chat you remove your hat - watch removingyour hat below.

2. As soon as with a masculine or female girlfriend in windy andthey happen a woman friend.

However, if they stop and also chat you eliminate your hat - check out removingyour cap below.

3. As soon as you execute a service to a female.

For example: providing up your seat because that them, retrieving a reduce itemof their etc. - and they give thanks to you – friend reply: “you’re welcome” (or similar)and raise her hat.

4. When you interrupt an unknown woman in public.

In order because that them to perform a company for you (e.g. To ask fordirections, purchase something indigenous them etc.). In these situations youstart the conversation with a suitable salutation (e.g. “Good morning…”,“Excuse me…”, “Forgive me...” etc.), whilst raising your hat. In ~ the end ofthis interaction conclude through a suitable ending (e.g. “Thank you”.) and raiseyour hat accordingly.

5. Once you execute something, which calls for yourapology.

For example: accidently bumping right into someone, treading on someone’sfoot etc. In this circumstances: you give your apology and also raise your hataccordingly – this can be to a mrs (always) or a male (at your discretion –e.g. If a male friend you might touch her brim only, if one elderly male youmight raise her hat etc. - you decide the level the respect to be shown to themale, as suitable to the circumstances).

6. As soon as passing a masculine in a position of authority,of keep in mind or of remarkable position.

For example: government (e.g. Policeman, member that the military inuniform etc.), of note (e.g. Clergyman), or that superior place to yourself(e.g. A senior employee, a politician etc.). You re welcome note, they might not returnthis etiquette, as result of existing constraints e.g. People in uniform havespecific rules as to when they might remove your headgear or “cover”.

7. Catholic guys raise their hats as soon as passing aCatholic Church.

This is in reverence and also worship to the consecrated body (wafer) andblood (wine) – the Jesus Christ – hosted inside the Church.

Raising her hat canbe known as “Tipping your Hat”, due to the action of “Tipping” your hat forwardslightly as elevating it. The can additionally be recognized as “Doffing your Hat”, i beg your pardon is acolloquialism indigenous British middle English for “Doffen” – meaning: “to execute off”(or “to take off” in contemporary English).

The more quickly reference, us have uncovered to “doffing” one’s cap, is in: The publication of The Courtier through Baldassare from 1507. Although not from middle ages times every se the is shortly after the finish of this period, describe it could originate from this time or earlier still!


The beginning of the removal of one’s hat in details circumstances is unknown. However, there is many a tip towards middle ages times. Knights would remove their helmet (when put on armor) as a sign of respect, trust and loyalty (as this made them very vulnerable) once in the existence of a monarch. The remove of their helmet likewise extended to Church (as a display of security in the sanctuary of the Church) and also in the visibility of a Lady. That was likewise a practical necessity to remove the helmet because that eating!


Simply put, this is an expansion of raising your hat (see above). Lift her hat off her head by the brim (baseball caps) or by the crown (all various other hats) and also bring it down in former of her body – keeping the interior of the hat pointing ago towards her body. If you do this through your left hand – excellent, if v your appropriate hand then transport it to her left hand to host (whilst still keeping the interior of the hat in the direction of your body) so your ideal is now cost-free to shake hands together necessary.


Given the above background you can conveniently guess the remove of your hatis for as soon as in the visibility of a female, in church, once eating and also before anation’s leader(s), flag or various other patriotic circumstance. However, modernetiquette has extended this additional to encompass other circumstances.

1. When meeting a female friend know and also you prevent tochat.

If the is raining, clear or cold, the lady should tell girlfriend it’s yes toreplace your hat but do not execute so unless indicated to by her. If friend bothdecide come walk together, whilst continuing to speak etc. Climate you might replaceyou hat, ~ above your very own cognizance (without any reference ago to the lady).

2. When walking with a male or female girlfriend andthey stop to conversation to a woman friend.

As in No. 1 above, replace yourhat if suggested to do so by the female(s) or if you join as a group and also continuewalking together.

3. Once talking through a male in a position of authority, of keep in mind or of superiorposition.

For example: in government (e.g. Policeman, member that the military inuniform etc.), of keep in mind (e.g. Clergyman), or the superior position to yourself(e.g. A senior employee, a politician etc.). You re welcome note, they might not returnthis etiquette, due to existing restrictions e.g. People in uniform havespecific rules regarding when they may remove their headgear or “cover”.

4. Nationwide Respect.

When the USA flag is hoisted or atthe pass of the flag (“colors”) in parades, masculine citizens eliminate their hats(with their best hand), was standing to attention and hold the cap at the leftshoulder, for this reason the hand is over the love - this is outlined in the U.S. FlagCode. Even if you are not a U.S. Citizen (or an additional flag is gift hoisted orpassed) we think it is a great sign that respect to remove your headdressaccordingly.

5. Funerals.

Whilst in ~ a funeral guys removetheir hats in church, as soon as the coffin is in procession and also at the graveside.Men likewise stand still and remove your hats once in the visibility of a funeralprocession. This is a sign of respect to the deceased and also those mourning thedeceased.

It is also an excellent etiquette and also asign the deep respect to remove one’s hat once in conversation and also the subjectis, or becomes, around a beloved departed person.

6. Religious Festivals.

When a Catholic procession passesand over there is a crucifix displayed, eliminate your hat. A fail to perform so ago inthe 16th Century could an outcome in the death penalty; thisdemonstrates the stamin of feeling about this, up until around 250 yearsago!

It is additionally important come removeyour hat throughout prayers in ~ an outdoor spiritual festival/event.

7. Eating.

Simply put, remove your cap whilstsitting under to eat and also make sure you execute not put your hat on the table. Asmentioned formerly this originates indigenous the valuable requirement of armoredknights from medieval times. However, the hat is the end attire and also is subjectto collecting dirt and also debris and, whilst especially true throughout the height ofindustrialization in the 18 and 1900’s, still holds true today.

8. Going Indoors.

Broadly speak this is for allbuildings: the basis because that this gift a cap offers helpful protection native theelements (e.g. Sun, cold, rain etc.); and also thus is not vital indoors.Removing her hat is specifically true because that entering the complying with buildings:

General: residential residences (includingyour own), offices, theaters (including movies),concerts, museums, libraries etc.

Church: Generally, this is together a sign ofreverence and respect. However there are exceptions: world in uniform (e.g.police, military, clergy etc.) that have particular rules as to when and wherethey remove their headdress; and people with spiritual restrictions (e.g. Sikhsand their turbans, Jewish and also their yarmulke or skullcap etc.).

Court that Law: the maybeconsidered Contempt that Court by the referee if friend wear a cap in Court. If the court bailiff or judge may remind/warn you, if you proceed to keep yourhat ~ above without good reason, this will result in a well and/or imprisonment!

Elevators: an elevatoris suggestive that a room so thus you remove your cap in one elevator.However, if the elevator is crowded, that is acceptable to keep your hat onbecause (due to lack of an are and the opportunity of the cap being crushed)this is the ideal place because that it!

Restaurants: the is deemedby some as acceptable to wear her hat in ~ the lunch counter of a diner or café– this maybe as result of the lack of places to put your hat. However, we think itis finest to simply remove your hat in all restaurants, of any type of description or levelincluding both indoors and also outdoors. Additionally see eat above.

Seating: If girlfriend areindoors and also you sit down, climate you remove your hat.

Indoor Exceptions:

(a) as soon as a man is “passing through” a public structure he walk notremove his hat e.g. Train & bus stations, airports etc.

(b) In publicplaces whereby he cannot sit e.g. Shops, short article offices, sectors etc.

(c) Foyers and corridors that public buildings e.g. Offices, hotelsetc.

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(d) once on publictransportation, this is because of the difficulty of wherein to place your hat.