Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Philbrick flourished up close come the new England coast, where one of his hobbies, fishing, is a prominent regional industry. Although he had completed a novel-length work-related by the moment he was in high school, adulthood for Philbrick meant concentrating on the day-to-day necessities of earning a living.

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Click come see full answer. Besides, what is Rodman Philbrick"s favorite past time?

Rodman Philbrick was creating his an initial novel! Originally, he wrote mysteries and thrillers for adults.

Secondly, wherein did Rodman Philbrick attend school? college of new Hampshire

Thereof, wherein does Rodman Philbrick at this time live?

Rodman Philbrick (born 1951) is an American writer the novels because that adults and children. The was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and also currently lives in Maine and also Florida.

When and also where to be Rodman Philbrick born?

1951 (age 69years)

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How go freak die?

Answer and also Explanation: Freak go die in the publication Freak the Mighty. He has a seizure and is hospitalized together the result of Morquio syndrome, native which that suffers. Freak dies on his thirteenth birthday after he is admitted to the hospital.
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What award did Rodman Philbrick win?

man Newbery Medal
Shamus compensation for finest Original P.I. Paperback
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How plenty of siblings does Rodman Philbrick have?

I do have three younger brothers, and many nieces and also nephews. Lynn additionally has 3 younger brothers and also several nieces.
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How carry out you write a blurb?

Look at blurb samples. Think about your favourite blurbs and what around them draws you in. Number out your target audience. Asking yourself that you desire your blurb come reach. Identify your key characters. Tease out the plot or argument. Keep in mind your major themes.
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What is an author pen name?

A pen name, also called a nom de plume (French: ) or a literary double, is a pseudonym (or, in some cases, a variant type of a genuine name) embraced by an author and also printed on the title page or by-line of their works in ar of their genuine name.
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When was Mr Philbrick born?

1951 (age 69years)
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Where does Freak the Mighty take place?

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Where did Rodman Philbrick acquire his catalyst for Freak the Mighty?

Inspired by the life that a boy that lived a couple of blocks away, he wrote "Freak The Mighty", the award-winning young-adult novel, which has been translated. Philbrick. Rodman Philbrick grew up ~ above the new England coast, whereby he functioned as a longshoreman and also boat builder.
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What is a prooV?

prooV is a platform that centralizes the whole proof-of-concept process in one place. Enterprises and also independent software sellers (ISVs) use it come engage, offer, test, analyze and evaluate technologies as one linked experience.
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When was Freak the Mighty written?

Freak the Mighty is a young adult novel by Rodman Philbrick. Published in 1993, it was complied with by the novel Max the Mighty in 1998.
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Is Freak the Mighty fiction or nonfiction?

While Freak the Mighty is technically a fiction novel, the was created for a very details group the readers. Freak the Mighty is taken into consideration a party that the young adult fiction genre, a literary arsenal geared towards readers eras 12 to 18.

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What is wrong through Kevin in Freak the Mighty?

The main character of the novel Freak the Mighty, Kevin (aka Freak), suffers from the rare birth defect recognized as Morquio (or Morquio"s) syndrome. That is also referred to together mucopolysaccharidosis IV. The an illness was diagnosed by the Uruguayan luis Morquio in 1929.
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