Unit Conversions through multiple conversion determinants

Sometimes multiple conversions space needed before we end up through the units we want. Because that example, How countless minutes are there in 2 days? The process is the same, we simply repeat the actions for every unit conversion we make.

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Look in ~ the devices you have. Figure out the devices you want. Uncover the conversion factors that will assist you step by step gain to the devices you want. Arrange conversion components so that unwanted systems cancel out.

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Time is among the most frequently used conversions. Depending upon what you space converting between, it is additionally a good example of sometimes needing more than one switch factor.


How countless minutes are there in two days?

Unless you recognize the conversion because that minutes come days, this takes 2 conversion factors.

We can use the following equivalence explanation to make our conversion factors.

1 work = 24 hours

1 hour = 60 minutes

First, we start with what we have actually which is two days.

Next, us use one of our equivalence explanation to do the conversion factor that will permit us to cancel out “days.”

(2 ext days imes frac24 ext hours1 extday)

The conversion factor (frac24: exthours1: extday) enables us to cancel “days” in the numerator with “days” in the denominator.

(2cancelcolorRed ext days imes frac24 ext hours1cancelcolorRed extday)

This pipeline us through “hours” in the numerator. Us still need another conversion element to cancel the end the “hours.” The conversion element (frac60 ext minutes1 ext hour) enables us come cancel the end “hours” in the numerator v “hours” in the denominator.

(2cancelcolorRed ext days imes frac24cancelcolorBlue ext hours1cancelcolorRed extday imes frac60 ext minutes1cancelcolorBlue ext hour)

This currently leaves us with just “minutes” together our just units left.

Now that we have actually arrived at the units we want, we do the calculation.

(frac2 imes24 imes60 ext minutes1= 2880 ext minutes)

Thus, 2 days = 2880 minutes.

Even though it took two conversion factors, us were still able to acquire to the answer.

The following video clip shows another example of many unit conversions, concentrating on adhering to the 4 step process.

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Steps because that Unit Conversions

Look at the devices you have number out the systems you want uncover the conversion determinants that will help you action by step obtain to the units you desire Arrange conversion factors so unwanted devices cancel the end

These room the general steps for doing unit conversions. Let’s usage them in an instance to show how the works.

Example: How numerous days is 5000 minutes?

Step 1: Look in ~ the devices you have.

We have 5000 minutes; the devices we currently have room minutes.

Step 2: number out the systems you want.

Our question wants us to find out how numerous days this is identical to. Days room the systems we desire to acquire to.

Step 3: uncover the conversion determinants that will aid you action by step get to the units you want.

60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hrs = 1 day

We usage these equivalence declaration to develop our conversion determinants to help us cancel the end the undesirable units.

Step 4: kinds the conversion components so unwanted units cancel out.

(left ( 5000cancelcolorMagenta ext minutes ight ) left ( frac1cancelcolorDarkOrange ext hour60cancelcolorMagenta ext minutes ight ) frac1 ext day24cancelcolorDarkOrange ext hours)

The next vital to obtaining the correct answer is to do the calculations correctly. This is a ar where students periodically make mistakes.

There space two methods to go around doing this calculation.

Multiply Numerators and also Denominators and also then divide.

The first method is to multiply every little thing in the numerator together, and also multiply every little thing in the denominator together. Then divide.

(This is prove in the video: Unit Conversions for Time (4:34 mins; Transcript))

(frac extEverything in numerator extEverything in denominator=frac5000 imes1 imes1: extday60 imes24=frac50001440= 3.47222 ext...days)

So 5000 minute = 3.5 work (rounded to nearest tenth.)

Zig-Zag Method

The other method to appropriately calculate several fractions gift multiplied with each other is to use the zig-zag method. The zig-zag technique says to calculation the number going in a zig-zag pattern starting with the an initial numerator.


Any time friend go under to the denominator girlfriend divide.


Any time girlfriend go as much as the next numerator you multiply.

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This an approach makes placing the numbers into your calculator very quick. In this case, we get in the following into our calculator going from left to right:

(5000div 1 imes 1div 60 imes 1 div 24 = 3.47222 ext...)

If we round to the nearest tenth, this way 5000 min = 3.5 days.

Additional Resources

A pilgrimage from Los Angeles to new York by auto is supposed to take around four job of driving time (non-stop). How plenty of hours will certainly a human being drive if they make this trip? use the following information to transform this trip to hours:1 job = 24 hours How countless seconds room there in 2.5 hours? use the adhering to information to convert this time come seconds:1 hour = 60 minutes1 minutes = 60 seconds Sara trained because that a 10-kilometer race for 18 mainly by to run one hour every day. How plenty of minutes did she operation altogether during her training? use the complying with information to convert her to run time to minutes:1 main = 7 days1 hour = 60 minute The running time for a new children’s movie is 6600 seconds. What is the to run time for the movie in hours? use the adhering to information to convert the running time come hours. Round to the nearest hundredth.1 minute = 60 seconds1 hour = 60 minutes Michael Phelps swam the 200-meter separation, personal, instance medley in 1 minute and 54 seconds. Exactly how long did it take it him to swim this gyeongju using seconds only? use the adhering to information to convert his time to seconds:1 minutes = 60 secs How countless hours are there in eight weeks? use the complying with information to convert this time come hours:1 mainly = 7 days1 work = 24 hours I have a 15 pound turkey. The instructions to speak to cook it for 12 minutes per pound. The timer offers hours. How numerous hours have to I set the timer for? usage the adhering to information to find how plenty of hours to collection the timer for:60 minutes = 1 hour View remedies
remedies (frac4 ext days1 imes frac24 ext hours1 ext day = 96 ext hours) (frac2.5 : exthours1 imes frac60: extminutes1: exthour imes frac60: extseconds1: extminute = 9000: extseconds) (frac6600: extsec1 imes frac1: extmin60: extsec imes frac1: exthr60: extmin = 1.83: exthrs)

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First, convert minutes into seconds.(frac1: extmin1 imesfrac60: extsec1: extmin=60: extsec)

Next, add the seconds together. 60 sec+54 sec=114 sec (frac8: extweeks1 imes frac7: extdays1: extweek imes frac24: exthours1: extday = 1344: exthours)

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