Looking in ~ Artifacts, Thinking about HistoryBy Steven Lubar and Kathleen Kendrick

Start | artifacts Tell their very own Stories | artifacts Connect world | artefacts Mean many ThingsArtifacts record a minute | artefacts Reflect transforms | Telling plenty of StoriesArtifacts reflect changes. Times change; history is the story the those changes. One artifact, or a collection of artifacts, can reflect readjust over time. Artifacts change as our culture and society change; artefacts nudge these alters along; and also artifacts themselves readjust over time. Artifacts reflect changes, and also sometimes cause change. They permit us avenues to take into consideration how and why society and society change over time.

Think around some the the alters reflected through this typewriter, manufactured by E. Remington & Sons about 1875. It tells a story of advancements in technology and manufacturing. The adoption of the typewriter, at simply the same time the women started to job-related in offices, reflected changes in women"s roles, brand-new ideas around the company of work, and the rapidly growing corporations that the day. In turn, the typewriter brought around and assisted to accelerate social change, opened up new jobs for females in the office.Changes in Business and the Workplace. The typewriter, by to reduce the time and also expense involved in developing documents, motivated the spread out of methodical management. It permitted a device of interactions that shaped the business world. While the typewriter wasn"t responsible for opening the office human being to women—the shortage of men during the polite War and the increasing department of labor and also specialization the office work played a bigger role—it go encourage the feminization that office work. In 1870, there to be very few women office workers. In 1890, there were virtually 45,000, and 64 percent the stenographers and also typists were women.Social Changes. In the 1880s, when the typewriter was an initial adopted in numerous offices, America was a nation in the throes of quick change. The way in i beg your pardon the typewriter was embraced reflected changes in women"s roles, brand-new ideas around the company of work, and also the rapidly growing corporations the the day. In turn, the typewriter opened up up many new jobs for ladies in the office.Changes in People"s Lives. Despite it take it a while for the typewriter to record on, that quickly readjusted the resides of those who supplied it. Plenty of working-class women saw office work as one escape indigenous the drudgery of factory jobs. Office work was a action up in the class structure, a cleaner, higher-paying job. One novel explained the alters in the life the a young woman as soon as she got her an initial job together a typist.Invention, Innovation and also Obsolescence. Dozens of inventors had actually tried to create a workable creating machine, but it wasn"t until 1872 that the right mix of a clever mechanism, production expertise, and also a farming market enabled the typewriter to end up being a advertisement success. Christopher Latham Sholes, a Milwaukee printer, editor, and also government bureaucrat, got his very first typewriter patent in 1868, and also two more in the next couple of years. Plenty of inventors devised renovations for the typewriter, native the shift key in 1878 come the electrical typewriter in 1920. In all, numerous thousand typewriter patents were granted. But by the 1980s, the typewriter had started to disappear, overcome at first by words processor and then by the an individual computer, which could do everything the typewriter can do and much more.Changes in Manufacturing. Christopher Sholes to be unable come raise the money, efficiently organize a factory, or discover the professional labor to create his typewriter innovation cheaply and also in volume. In 1873 he marketed his patent rights to E. Remington and Sons, manufacturers that guns and also sewing machines, who had the technological skills to develop and also manufacture the machines. The typewriter has numerous small precision parts.

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To do the device cheaply enough to reach a huge market, it had actually to be mass-produced. Remington and also others soon arisen ways to apply existing technology and techniques, including the "interchangeable parts" system, come the produce of the typewriter.

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