Circulatory system of earthworm

The circulatory or blood vascular system of one earthworm is a closed type.It consists of the blood vessel, heart, capillaries, and blood glands.Blood is composed of fluid plasma and also colorless corpuscles.Blood is red in color due come the visibility of respiratory pigment hemoglobin (erythrocruorin) in it.Hemoglobin is not contained in the corpuscles choose vertebrates yet occurs dissolved in plasma.Hemoglobin aids in the transportation of oxygen because that respiration.

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Blood vessels

They room of 2 types: collecting blood vessels and also distributing blood vessels.

They room closed tubes with a definite wall, and also they break right into capillaries to ramify in the various parts of the body.The arrangement of blood vessels in the anterior 13 segments is various from that behind the 13th segment i.e., in the an ar of the intestine.So, the blood vessels have the right to be described under 2 heads: A. Blood vessels and their species behind the 13th, i.e, intestinal region. B. Blood vessels and their setup in the anterior 13th segments.


Circulation that blood

Blood flows from behind to forward in the dorsal vessel.And indigenous front to backward in ventral, latero-oesophageal, supra-oesophageal, and also sub-neural vessels.The ventral ship is the main distributing vessel, supplying blood come all components of the body.In the very first 13 segments, it gives blood to the human body wall, septa, nephridia, and reproductive organs through ventro-tegumentary.Behind the 13th segment, it provides blood to the body wall and nephridia through ventro-tegumentary.Supplies blood to gut wall through ventro-intestinal.Sub-neural, lateral oesophageal, and also supra-oesophageal room the main collecting vessels.Lateral oesophageal collection blood in the very first 13 segment from the alimentary canal, human body wall, nephridia, septa, and reproductive organs.And lock discharge into supra-oesophageal v anterior loops and also ring vessels.Supra-oesophageal likewise collects blood from the gizzard and also stomach and also pours into the ventral vessel v latero-oesophageal hearts.Sub-neural collection blood in the intestinal region from the ventral body wall and nerve cord.And send right into dorsal vessels through the commissural which additionally receives blood native the body wall, septa and nephridia.Commissural additionally pours some blood right into the gut wall surface through septo-intestinal.Dorsal vessel functions both collecting and distributing vessels.It collects blood through dorso-intestinal in the intestinal an ar from the gut wall.And with commissural native sub- neural vessel, septa, and nephridia.In the an initial 13 segments, the distributes some blood with branches to the alimentary canal and pours the remaining blood v hearts right into the ventral vessel.The blood distributes spend food to miscellaneous body regions.And it collection waste substances prefer nitrogenous waste and also CO2 i beg your pardon are remove through nephridia, skin, and also the coelomic fluid.

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Blood glands

In the segments, 4, 5, and also 6 segments over pharyngeal mass and connected with pharyngeal or salient glands are found small, red-colored, follicular bodies, the blood glands.Each gland consists of a mass of loose cells surrounding by a capsule v a syncytial wall.These glands are linked with pharyngeal nephridia and with salivary glands.These glands to produce blood corpuscles and hemoglobin.They are also regarded to be excretory by some workers.

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