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You’ve signed your boy up because that gymnastics class and now you desire to understand what they must wear! relying on your gymnast’s age and gender they will most likely wear something various to gymnastics class. However, many girls will certainly wear a leotard. We will certainly go through what gymnasts of each age wear.

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The “proper” gymnastics attire because that girls is a leotard, and most girl in the gym will certainly be wearing them. You deserve to buy leotards online, at a local specialty gymnastics or dance keep or sometimes retailers like Target and also Wal-Mart have them. Head over right here for whereby to to buy leotards online, and also for valuable buying tips. Leotards are great because they won’t capture on anything and they let your gymnast have actually a full range of movement. Younger gymnasts are usually well with just wearing a leotard. Older gymnasts usually like to undertake shorts top top top.

What should Toddler Gymnasts Wear come Gymnastics Class?



Gymnastics Leotard

Female toddler gymnasts usually wear simply a gymnastics leotard to class. When picking a leotard for her toddler you could want to take into consideration your gymnast’s undergarments. A unitard (a leotard through the shorts attached like in the picture, additionally called a biketard) can be an ext comfortable for her gymnast if friend don’t want their underwear or diaper hanging out. Otherwise you deserve to have lock wear a constant tank leotard and also be OK with their underwear showing occasionally.

Hair traction Back

You additionally want come make certain you pull her gymnast’s hair out of your face. They deserve to wear their hair in a ponytail, bun, braid or any hairstyle whereby it isn’t walking to obtain in the way.


Shorts & T-Shirt

Boys have the right to wear comfortable shorts and a tshirt come gymnastics class. You want to avoid garments with any snaps, zippers or buckles that can get recorded on any kind of of the equipment.

Here are several of our favorite gymnastics leotards for toddlers:


Foxy’s Sparkle On, Pony Leotard: This leotard has a small bit that sparkle overlay on the super fun print of tiny ponies. This leotard come in a 4/5 i beg your pardon is similar in size to a CXXS and should fit toddlers that wear sizes 2T-5T. Together a cute print for toddlers!

Happy hearts GK Biketard: This gymnastics unitard through GK comes in toddler sizes and also is a great option if friend don’t desire underwear hanging out!

Danskin Mermaid Leotard: This leotard comes in tiny sizes and has a cute mermaid publish perfect for tiny girls! It likewise comes in other prints great for toddlers.

Danskin Rainbow Tie die Unitard: This Danskin rainbow tie die unitard come in toddler sizes and has sufficient room if her gymnast is quiet wearing a diaper.


What should Young Gymnasts Wear come Gymnastics course ?

Gymnastics Leotard

Young gymnasts should wear a gymnastics leotard come class. There space several different styles of leotards, back the most renowned for young gymnasts is a tank leotard like the girl in the photo is wearing.

Hair traction Back

Young gymnasts should have actually their hair pulled back in a hairstyle the won’t flop in their face and cause safety and security issues. Popular selections are ponytails, buns or braids.

No jewel or Studs

You also want to make certain you don’t wear any jewelry various other than stud earrings to gymnastics class. Girlfriend don’t want anything that deserve to get captured on the equipment.

Here are some of our favorite gymnastics leotards for young gymnasts:


Disney Anna & Elsa Leotard: Is your gymnast obsessed with Disney movies? If so, this GK Anna & Elsa Disney leotard can be perfect because that you!

Snowflake draft Laser tag Leotard: This sparkly gymnastics leotard come in pink and also orange, in addition to purple and also silver.

Foxy’s bathtub Bomb Leotard: This multi-colored swirl leotard has a faux gold publish running v it. An excellent quality and reasonably priced- perfect because that a young gymnast!

Snowflake designs Unicorn Leotard: This shimmery pink to irradiate blue ombre leotard is perfect for gymnasts obsessed v unicorns!


What have to Teen Gymnasts Wear come Gymnastics class ?

Older gymnasts, teenagers or tweens, could wear miscellaneous slightly different than young gymnasts come gymnastics class.

Sports Bra

If they need some support, larger gymnasts have the right to wear a sports bra (or constant bra) under your leotard.


Older gymnasts might also prefer to wear shorts on height of your leotards so the they feel much more comfortable and don’t need to worry about their underwear hanging out, or any other kind of wardrobe malfunction.

Hair traction Back

Older gymnasts should also have their hair pulled ago so the it doesn’t acquire in front of their confront or capture on any type of of the equipment.

No jewel or Studs

Older gymnasts should additionally refrain indigenous wearing any type of jewelry other than stud earrings come gymnastics class.

Here are few of our favourite gymnastics leotards and also other gear for teens or tween gymnasts:


GK Blue Glitz & Glam Leotard: This GK leotard is a well-known gymnastics leotard because that older gymnasts. It’s a fairly priced, high quality leotard.

GK Pink Diamonds Leotard: This pink GK leotard has a sparkly sequin style that records the light as soon as you move. The bright color and sophisticated design top top this leotard makes it perfect for an enlarge gymnast.

Champion Seamless sports Bra: This seamless sports bra is a an easy comfortable choice that offers medium support and comes in a bunch that colors.

Black Gymnastics Shorts: These black color gymnastics shorts space perfect for wearing over your leotard. They offer older gymnasts the lull of not having actually to worry around their leotard relocating around.

Headbands: Headbands prefer these are great for holding her hair ago from your confront when that in a ponytail or bun.

What have to boys wear to gymnastics class?

Boys need to wear a t-shirt and also shorts v no buttons, zippers or snaps to gymnastics class.

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Other things to Think AboutBare Feet: all gymnasts have to practice barefoot. Attract socks could cause slips or falls.

We hope this helps clear up any kind of questions you could have about what her child need to wear to gymnastics class. Now that friend are all set for class, check out 10 ways to obtain the many out of your Gymnastics Class!