Let’s set the scene. You glistening in new sweat ~ a run. The end of nowhere, you acquire hit on through a guy across the street. Sometimes when a male asks for your number girlfriend don’t recognize what to do.

Or imagine, you’re in the produce aisle. You and an attractive man both reach for the shiny apple and also lock eyes. Plenty of of us can recall moments when men method us at the many unexpected times.

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What to say as soon as a guy asks for your number

It taken place to me a few weeks ago. Top top Valentine’s Day, i was struggle on at among the most random areas you could imagine. A language exchange of every places! If you didn’t know, language exchanges are notorious for men on the prowl.

The crowd to be unexpected, ns unknowingly came during the party portion of the event. In spite of my introverted ways, I had actually no selection but to change to the party atmosphere. This language exchange turned right into somewhat of a speed dating event for me. So, ns maneuvered indigenous one table to an additional seamlessly. And that’s simply the beginning, i let mine inner socialite free. 

And the result was, ns wasn’t too concentrated on chatting with one guy. But, a male there slowed me down from working the room. I gained sucked right into a conversation v him. He told one poor joke ~ another. Ns wasn’t impression by this guy, and also I wanted out. 

His jokes go from bad and also turned right into microaggressions that made me want to pull my hair out simply hearing that talk. I eventually escaped indigenous him. He regulated to record me in the direction of the end of the night and also asked, “Can I acquire your number?”


I nothing like giving out my number to guys I don’t like, but…

Sometimes I do begrudgingly provide it come then. I have actually a tough time being honest and also telling him no. Instead, i ignored his message a day later and that was it. However I believed to myself, what would’ve been a better way come respond? 

It’s not always clear when you’re in the moment. Countless attractive women uncover themselves in this position of exactly how to provide or avoid offering their number. Here are a couple of responses you must remember when a guy asks for her number


How come say yes when he asks for your number:

So say you’re digging this guy, he’s an attractive man. Then he pops the question! (Not the question) The “Can we keep in touch?” have the right to I obtain your number question.

You’re chatting him increase on Bumble and he desires to move the conversation off the app. Friend still desire to keep borders but still keep in contact.

Giving her actual phone number isn’t constantly the finest option for you. Remember did you do it got alternatives madame.

#1 for the Professional: give Him Your business Card


Say she going come a convention. You’re there to make relations right? and if that asks, he is absolutely focused top top making an ext than expert connections.

So, slide him that business card even if you assume he has actually ulterior motives when he asks for your number. You may be caught off guard, yet giving your organization card is the perfect way to stay suitable to the environment you’re in. That a opportunity to potentially link up through a solitary successful guy.

Ideal to use at:

ConferencesBusiness tripsMeetingsNetworking eventsSocial gatheringsFormal events

#2 because that the Stealthy: acquire a Google Voice Number


Activating a Google Voice Number is valuable for girlfriend if you’re uncertain around the guy and want to it is in vigilant once sharing your an individual information. If she in a nation that doesn’t assistance Google Voice, TextNow is additionally a good option with similar features.

Ideal come use:

OnlineIn passingIf you’ve only had short conversations

#3 because that the Bold and also Brave: ask him for his phone call number or society media


I’m frequently not a fan of putting yourself in a ar of follow him. I believe this approach uniquely services you. As soon as you ask because that his information you deserve to possibly get information top top this guy prior to you proceed in contacting him.

When the tries to gain your number, simply tell him, “Hmm, permit me get your Instagram.” This reflects interest, however you recognize want to do more investigating prior to deciding to keep in contact. That’s setup yourself together an irresistible high-value woman.

So in being a high-value woman, you aren’t letting the in till you scope the out.

Now, this is not a happen to walk overboard and go deep-sea diving right into his every comment and like on his Instagram posts. Remember setting healthy boundaries in date is a two-way street.

Ideal cases to share her social media :


In passing

If you’ve only had quick conversations.

If he has actually a shot through you, you might want to examine out our post on what inquiries to questioning on the first date.

How to say no when he asks for her number:


If you have actually a difficult time deciding if a guy is a ‘no’ because that you, you might struggle with setup boundaries. The 2020 and also it’s time to gain clear ~ above those.

Try developing your own an individual Love Map. Occupational through your list of desires you have for a future mate. When you’ve gained clear through your Love Map, girlfriend will recognize when you’re not interested.

No need to waste time if you recognize he’s not corresponding those qualities. Nevertheless, once you recognize you desire to speak no, climate it’s time to figure out if you go with just a basic no, or offer an alternative.

#4 be Direct—Just to speak no.

This technique is because that the women that have actually no difficulty just gaining to the point. If he seems favor a man with an excellent intentions, be considerate and also soften the blow with…

“Thanks, I’m no interested.” or

“I don’t give out my number.”

Respect is key, but if he is rude feel totally free to just walk away, block or go through the two-letter answer, “N-O.”

Ideal situations to use:


#5 Other alternate Ways to Say No to giving Your Number:


Are friend sweet and would quite make an excuse? Okay, her phone is dead, friend left your phone in the car etc. (This just works if friend didn’t usage your phone call out roughly him that course.)

Want to go the savage route? Okay, take it his number Instead: then never use it.

Or the classic one, say you’re take away or married.

Ideal situations to use:

In passing


Bars, clubs, lounges

Anywhere wherein you won’t have to encounter the again.

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Ladies when you think much more about your choices prior come this, it deserve to make for a more seamless interaction when a man asks for your number. Prepare because that the right approach in the given situation each time.

When girlfriend remember these ways to respond space you room taking obligation for your date life. It’s a donation to her confidence in this dating game which will conserve you time and also lead you to the right partner and help you quit poor dating habits!