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Attracting Woodpeckers with Food

Woodpeckers will visit yards the offer proper foods every year round. The most popular foods for woodpeckers in ~ feeders include:

Fruit, including oranges, grapes, and applesSunflower seeds, either whole or hulledPeanut butter or peanut butter blendsNectar, either for orioles or hummingbirds

The types of feeders available are likewise important because that feeding woodpeckers. Suet feeders need to be securely anchored and carry out a tail prop panel or comparable support for woodpeckers to feed, or might be attached come the tribe of a tree for great support. Hopper or tray feeders space the most efficient for giving other species of foods items while enabling these birds comfortable room to perch. Smaller woodpeckers, such together the downy woodpecker, may cling to a selection of cage feeders, and woodpeckers will additionally cling come dried sunflower heads to feed straight from the plants. Birders will also occasionally see woodpeckers sipping native hummingbird feeders, specifically feeder layouts that include vast bases or great perches. Offering saucer-style nectar feeders have the right to be efficient for feeding woodpeckers

Providing natural foods items for woodpeckers is an also easier way to tempt these birds and also sate their appetites. The finest ways come ensure natural foods items for woodpeckers include:

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Minimizing or eliminating insecticide usage that would eliminate insects from the food chain.Planting berry bushes because that birds, specifically bushes the retain fruit into winter.Planting oak tree or other nut-bearing trees and also bushes because that woodpeckers come use.

Like every birds, woodpeckers eat a variety of different foods. Birders who market a selection of foods, both naturally and in the appropriate feeders, can conveniently attract woodpeckers with hearty appetites every year long.