For me, it’d it is in moist, soft, chewy, crispy ~ above the outside, gooey in the center. Dry, is never a native anybody would associate through a cookie. You know what provides a dried cookie? dry cookie dough.

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Not only does dry cookie dough make dry cookies, it’s difficult to work with and will crumble before you can even roll it flat or shape it right into a ball. Dry cookie dough should be avoided at every costs!

I’m Angie, ns a self-taught baker right now still baking as a side hustle. I’m humble about most things however not when it concerns the cookie I make. I specialization in baking those outrageously huge New York Style cacao chip cookies and also let me phone call you, my cookie baking game is A1.

In this article, let’s dive into the topic of dry cookie dough. I will define what causes dry cookie dough, display you five various scenarios that can have caused your dough being dry and give girlfriend a equipment for each so you never should worry about dry cookies ever before again.

Let’s gain rolling!


Scenario 1: Not enough LiquidScenario 2: Not sufficient FatScenario 3: Too lot FlourScenario 4: Dried the end by The FridgeScenario 5: Overmixing

Why is mine Cookie Dough Dry?

Whether that is a street cookie cooking recipes you’re complying with or a chunky chocolate chip cookie recipe, you have to always include enough wet ingredients to your mix so the your dry ingredients can bind together and not crumble all over the place.

The appropriate cookie dough consistency should be sticky, not too wet or as well dry, and also firm sufficient to it is in shaped. If your cookie dough is too dry, it’s many likely because the quantity of dried ingredients included is not proportionate to the wet ingredients, you’ve left that in the fridge and also moisture has been suck out from the dough, or the you’ve overmixed the dough.

Now stop look at this scenarios in an ext detail and also I will display you precisely how to deal with it.

Scenario 1: Not enough Liquid


Overmixing is a huge no no once it pertains to cookies. As soon as you overmix her cookie dough, the air is likewise incorporated into it which can make your cookies rise and then deflate, leading to a flat and also crispy cookie.

When you mix her cookie dough for also long and also at a high speed, gluten in the flour will develop which can make your cookie drier, an ext tough and also rubbery.

Solution: Let that rest

If you discover that her dough is ending up being too tough and also dry to job-related with because you’ve been mixing that for as well long, the solution is simple. Simply let that rest! let the gluten relax and soon you will do it be left through a soft malleable dough again.

Final Thoughts

Cookie dough can acquire dry. It’s simply one that those things a baker must discover to transaction with. Ns hope the this post has shown you just how easy the is to settle dry cookie dough.

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Next time it wake up to you, you can pick the solution that suits friend best, or far better yet, try a few different methods if you are not certain of the reason behind the dryness.

Did I miss anything? how do you deal with your dried cookie dough? allow me understand in the comment below!