What is the appropriate breaker to use for a 230 volt waiting conditioner circuit? electrical Circuit Wiring a 230 Volt air Conditioner.

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Circuit Specifications because that a 230 Volt wait Conditioner electrical Question: What dimension circuit breaker perform I need for mine air conditioner?

I require a 2 pole 20 amp breaker for my panel box.The breaker will certainly be supplied for the wire to mine air air conditioning unit.The specs are:Rated voltage 208/230.1 Phase, 60Hz.Min. Voltage 197, maximum voltage 253.Minimum circuit ampacity 18.9.max. Fuse or circuit breaker, 30 amps.I was told the on the 12/2 cable I need a 20amp breaker, yet in looking at various 20 amp breakers i see likewise other numbers, such together Q22o etc.Can you you re welcome tell me what is the proper breaker for me to use.

Thank you,Kevin

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Dave’s Reply:Thanks because that your electrical question Kevin.

Electric Circuit Wiring a 230 Volt waiting Conditioner

Application: electric Circuit because that a 230volt waiting Conditioner.Skill Level: intermediary to advanced – finest wired by a Licensed electrical Contractor, or through a licensed HVAC Air air conditioning Contractor.Tools Required: an easy Electricians pouch Hand Tools, and also a Voltage Tester.Estimated Time: depends on personal level experience, capability to work-related with tools and also the available accessibility to the welder circuit and also electrical link box.Precaution: recognize the welder circuit, revolve it OFF and Tag it v a Note prior to working with the 230 volt waiting conditioner cord and also wiring.

The Circuit Breaker dimension for a 230 Volt air Conditioner

Kevin, according to the specs because that the wait conditioner the circuit that should be set up would be a 30 amp 230 volt circuit making use of 10/2 cable v ground. The circuit breaker because that this wait conditioner circuit need to be a 2-pole 30 amp breaker.More about Electric Circuit Wiring because that a 230 Volt air ConditionerSee an ext about electric Wiring

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