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my chevelle has been sitting for over a year and the battery wouldnt take it a charge so i went and bought a new one. It to be a cheapo special for 39.95$ at wal-mart. Its just a 630 cold and 750 warm cranking amps. I have had trouble starting the car like the battery is dead it will crank yes, really slow. If ns jump the if fires ideal up. I recognize the alternator is working, so im assuming the battery isnt strong enough, BTW this is a 396BB it is its trying to crank over, most likely 10.25:1 compresion or so.Thanks,Todd
Ya that"s a pretty tiny battery because that a high compression huge block. I have an 850cca battery in mine 10.5:1 454 and as long as it"s warm outside it has actually no problem, but as shortly as the drops listed below 0 (celsius) you can tell that isn"t able come crank together fast.However friend may additionally want to look in ~ the condition of her starter. If the windings room shorting the end to the case of the starter, it will seem choose battery is week when it"s yes, really the starter.I"d shot putting in a different battery with more cca if you have one around, and if that fixes the problem, then obtain a brand-new battery because that it, if that doesn"t resolve it, mine money is top top the starter.------------------Chris Dagenais"71 Malibu through a home developed 454! For every little thing you do, this burnout"s for you.The eco-friendly Monster
Chris touch on the two factors involved...the compression and also condition of the starter. The typical GM V8 through 9:1 compression and also a good starter will pull around 175-250 amps while cranking. Obviously, the dimension of the battery will certainly determine just how long you have the right to be in the "crank" mode. Bottom line is the a 630 CCA battery is sufficient for a car that is reasonable basic to begin in cold weather.
Todd most all auto parts stores will test you system for FREE. There room a most batteries sold, as soon as the real trouble is the starter, although a negative starter is hell top top a old battery and can kill it.A new battery will periodically solve the problem of a bad starter since they are fresh and also capable of placing out more amps, but eventually the negative starter will certainly suck the life the end of them. Prefer was mentioned above a good starter need to not draw much more than around 220 amp for a high compression engine. Most V8 engines will only draw about 180 amps. Also some starters will certainly ground the end when heat or hot, so get it tested once warm and also crank it because that a while. As soon as you say it will crank through the assist of a jump, is one indication it is sucking much more amp 보다 it have to be. 2 batteries supplying twice as much amperage as needed.Remember the test is free, so walk for it.

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