Beyoncé"s go-to ear piercer Brian Keith Thompson on everything you should know about cartilage piercings. It"s time to start curating her ear constellation ASAP.

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Cartilage piercings room so hot right now - fact. Ever due to the fact that Blondie carried ear piercings and punk back on the scene in the 80s, we"ve to be misguidedly jabbing at our ears with safety-pins and also apple cores and obsessing over the perfect ear constellation.

But, currently that we"re older, wiser and obviously method more sensible, we"ve acquired some questions around the right method to acquire a cartilage piercing the we"d like answered. So, we went straight to A-list ear piercer Brian Keith Thompson indigenous Body electrical Tattoo come get expert advice, straight from the male who pierced Beyoncé.



What have to a great ear piercing studio look at like?

"First off, the studio have to be visibly clean. If you walk in and also the floor is dirty, assume everything probably is!

"Next, look at at their portfolio or questioning for their Instagram. Examine their ingredient out and also see if you choose it. If lock don"t have pictures of their work, they"re more than likely not showing it for a reason.

"And carry out your research. World spend much more time in search of the best place to acquire a taco than they perform finding a kind studio to get a piercing. You"re spending money on this, so do it good. Possibilities are, if it"s yes, really cheap, the location is no good and you"ll just need to spend money on getting it done again."

How should ear cartilage be pierced?

"Cartilage should always be pierced with a needle. A piercing total isn"t designed because that cartilage, just soft tissue and also even then ns wouldn"t recommend it. Piercing cartilage through a gun can develop hardcore hypertrophic scarring and even punch it up.

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"People have this stigma about needles however they"re actually method less painful since they"re designed to pierce skin, vice versa, a gun just delivers blunt pressure to push an earring through."

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