1 —used to ask because that information about someone or other What is her name?What are those things on the table?What"s your family like?What happened?What <=how much> does it cost?"What go she say?" "She said yes."What perform you think of my idea?What carry out you desire to execute tonight?"Dad!" "What (do friend want)?" "You have a phone call."What (on earth) room you doing?!I perfect dusting. Currently what (should ns do)?What (should ns do) next?What else did that say?You have actually money, fame, and also a beautiful family. What more could friend want?

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2 —used to explain a question Please ask castle what they want for dinner.They asked her what she knew about him.I wonder what his motives were.
3 —used come ask who to to speak something again since you have not plainly heard or taken it What did girlfriend say? = (informal) What? —often supplied to show surprise about the thing that someone has just claimed "And then I stated that he might go to hell." "You claimed what?!"She walk what?!What? i don"t think it. You need to be joking!
1a(1) —used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter What is this?What is riches without friends?What does he earn?What afoot God wrought?
(2) —often supplied to ask for repetition of an utterance or component of one utterance not appropriately heard or interpreted You claimed what?
b(1) —used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the character, nature, occupation, position, or duty of a human being What do you think i am, a fool?What is she, that all ours swains commend her?— wilhelm Shakespeare
(2) antiquated : who sense 1 —used together an interrogative expressing inquiry around the identity of a person
c —used as an exclamation expressing surprise or excitement and frequently introducing a inquiry What, no breakfast?
d —used in expressions directing attention to a statement that the speak is around to do you know what
e(1) —used at the finish of a inquiry to refer inquiry around additional possibilities Is that raining, or snowing, or what?
(2) —used with or at the finish of a inquiry usually in expectation of agreement Is this exciting, or what?
f chiefly british —used at the finish of an utterance together a form of tag concern A clever play, what?
2a : the thing or points that What you require is a vacation. What angered united state was the ton of the article.
b : that which : the one or ones the no income but what he it s okay from his works —sometimes used in reference to a i or expression that is however to come or is no yet complete gave also, what is more valuable, expertise
1 : for what function or factor : why —usually used with the various other words of a question in between what and for What walk you carry out that for? other than when used alone
2 : harsh treatment particularly by blows or by a spicy reprimand … provided him what for in violent Spanish … — New Yorker
: what walk it issue if What though the rose have prickles, yet "tis plucked …— wilhelm Shakespeare

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