We want to recognize the answer come the question: why do women undertake thongs? which is virtually like asking “why execute we wear underwear?” the simple: it’s a vital wardrobe staple to align through the needs of our differing wardrobe styles.

It transforms out, however, when you ask why perform girls wear thongs, it beholds rather a little of controversy. With solid female insight and also opinions top top the subject, we determined to look right into the pros and also cons of this distinct piece the underwear.

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Just as females come in every beautiful shapes and sizes, so do thongs. Even if it is you wear a Cheeky Thong, a G-String or a Tanga, at the finish of the day, women want to feel good, comfortable, sexy and strong.




Many women agree that wearing a thong provides them feeling comfortable, especially when put on yoga pants, jeans, shorts or skirts. Over there is a perfect balance that comfort and also freedom when wearing a thong, for this reason if you choose the best fit and fabric, you room golden.

You can select from selection of simple, comfortable structure for her thong, favor satin and also lace options, and also even cotton. But, if you want a sheep of durability and also breathability with your comfort, climate you’re definitely far better off opting for a hemp thong option.

Fabrics with much more stretch tend to be many favorable due to the fact that they allow far better movement through you transparent the day. Overall, ladies will opt because that a comfortable thong, as long as it feels choose wearing nothing at all.



What many women want as soon as it comes to underwear is a pair that won’t show any type of signs that a VPL. Girlfriend know, the perfect pair for once you’re wearing your favorite tight jeans confident there is no sign of any type of line. The kind of look the one have the right to really only attain while attract a thong or walk commando.

I think we can agree the wearing a thong is way more hygienically friendly 보다 the alternative.

A thong will ensure the you are free and clear of any kind of health issues, skin irritation or odors so as soon as you’re emotion sexy in her clothing, you deserve to be confident the no visual interruptions will it is in in the way.

A panty line is not something friend should have actually to concern about, so acquire yourself that thong.



Thongs have this magical capability to make you feel super sexy, no matter what you pick to wear end it. And also with thongs make a significant comeback, i think we are enabled to take on the confidence that comes in addition to wearing the controversial piece of underwear.

I’m talking about that feeling once you’re attract a thong to work, discovering you have the right to run your whole day effortlessly, while exuding confidence and sexiness. Or feeling choose you have the right to command the elliptical at the gym while donning your thong. No one requirements to understand what you have actually going top top underneath her outfit, yet it’s simply so fun!

It also helps to watch an appearance of ladies rocking the thongs, indigenous J.Lo come Bella Hadid, together a means to expropriate its normalcy. Women like to feeling sexy, and they worthy to feel this way.



Wearing a thong can accentuate a woman’s i know good cleavage, i m sorry is the skin roll developed at the top and front that the thigh when you bend forward, sit, or kneel. This concept could have quickly been component of “Sexiness Factor” yet I think it deserves its very own attention.

One can accomplish this look at by wearing a high-waisted thong and pulling the waistband up above the i know good bone, in order come let it remainder on the skin, exposing the crease between your hip and also thigh bones. Hello come the newest member to the cleavage family.

I’m intrigued through this detailed nuance, since as a woman ns am in love with all of our parts, both perfect and also imperfect. So let’s take the time to respect the beauty, beauty of our body that, once accentuated by a thong, is pure arts in its own right.




There is a level of discomfort because that ladies who can’t it seems ~ to discover the best thong, and also instead of feeling that barely there feeling, they endure the opposite. I beg your pardon leaves ladies on the “cons” side of the thong dispute wondering “so, why execute women stay thongs? It’s so uncomfortable!”

For some women, they are more comfortable in full coverage for added warmth in the cold weather. For others, it may not be functional for their wardrobe. Why undertake a thong as soon as you’re attract stockings and a skirt all the time? Why go v feeling tight and constricted if girlfriend don’t have actually to?

As countless women check out it, thongs space a less-than-practical sort of underwear the they like not to invest in. Exactly how I check out it, recognize the best underwear is favor dating - you need to go through a few bad pairs until you discover the best one.


Many thongs room made that a less breathable fabric, enabling moisture to it is in trapped, and also increasing your opportunities of bacteria imbalance, leading to infections.

Since thongs are basically a very close fitting fabric, nestled right against your lady parts, absorbing every bit of natural and totally common vaginal discharge, it’s simply one of the side results of wearing a thong.

Depending on how much her body produces and also how your body reacts are legitimate reasons as to why part women pick to live thong-less. To reduce and also even eliminate these species of health concerns, friend can always turn come a natural, much more breathable thong option or, discover out how to hand wash underwear for the ultimate clean for your thongs.


Because over there are different dyes and additives in our clothing, choose jeans because that example, there room some residual chemistry that, when worn as well close come our body, have the right to have an unfavorable effects on ours skin. For numerous women, thongs don’t cut it when it involves coverage for this reason.

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Your skin is your largest organ, and although its key job is come act as a obstacle to toxins, it’s likewise super vulnerable to the difficulties we challenge as a result of the clothing we wear, taking in these not-so-friendly chemicals.

Textile dyes and other garment additives can cause allergies prefer eczema and also dermatitis, leading to some uncomfortable rashes and itchiness whereby you’re not protected from the fabric.

From this perspective, I can see that wearing full coverage underwear is means more protective 보다 a thong.


When she rocking a thong, over there is practically no room for a pad or a panty liner. Even tampons can cause some problems.

When you shot to wear a pad or a panty liner in a thong throughout your period, don’t expect much success. A pad will certainly absolutely no sit right, and an excellent luck trying come make certain it go a nice clean up job. Yes, pads space absorbent, yet gravity will always win and when the pad is moving all around, whatever else will certainly too.

Not only is attract a pad in a thong uncomfortable and also impractical, but it’s also unhealthy. It pipeline a greater risk for bacteria to move around, which eventually can result in infection. As previously discussed, we don’t like infections.


There room some apparent plus political parties to attract a thong the inevitably comes through some downsides. Ns think personal preference is key, yet if you room looking to feel sexy or try out the hip cleavage, ns say walk for it!

If you desire to play it safe and also reduce your possibilities of obtaining that UTI, girlfriend should think about working through a breathable, anti-bacterial hemp thong. It’s the best method to go.

At the end of the day, that always good to keep whatever in moderation. You deserve to switch up your underwear layouts so no to stick to the very same one every day, particularly if you wearing thongs.

So let’s keep it real, and give us your pros and your cons. Why carry out you wear a thong?


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