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Click below to see ALL problems on Distributive-associative-commutative-propertiesQuestion 103972: factor the complying with into the product of two binomials by �reverse FOIL� method. Then, confirm your answer is correct by multiply the 2 binomials:x2 + 8x + 7 answer by jim_thompson5910(35256)
(Show Source): You deserve to put this equipment on your website! addressed by pluggable solver: Factoring making use of the AC technique (Factor by Grouping)Looking in ~ the expression , we can see the the an initial coefficient is , the second coefficient is , and also the last term is .Now multiply the first coefficient through the critical term to obtain .Now the concern is: what two whole numbers multiply to (the ahead product) and include to the second coefficient ?To discover these two numbers, we have to list all of the factors of (the previous product).Factors that :1,7-1,-7Note: perform the negative of every factor. This will permit us to discover all possible combinations.These components pair up and multiply to .1*7 = 7(-1)*(-7) = 7Now let"s include up each pair of determinants to see if one pair adds come the middle coefficient :First NumberSecond NumberSum171+7=8-1-7-1+(-7)=-8From the table, we can see the the 2 numbers and also add to (the middle coefficient).So the 2 numbers and both multiply to and add to currently replace the center term v . Remember, and add to . So this reflects us the . Change the 2nd term v . Group the terms right into two pairs. Variable out the GCF from the first group. Aspect out native the 2nd group. The score of this step is to make the state in the second parenthesis equal to the terms in the very first parenthesis. Incorporate like terms.

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Or factor out the usual term ===============================================================Answer:So components to .In other words, .Note: girlfriend can check the answer by broadening to gain or by graphing the original expression and also the prize (the two graphs need to be identical).