Tuesday clues the 20th anniversary of She’s all That, the rom-com in i beg your pardon Laney Boggs (Rachel Leigh Cook) is revolutionized from a solitary art student right into a prom queen candidate with the help of popular jock Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.). That method it’s been 2 decades due to the fact that the song “Kiss Me” was offered to highlight Laney’s transformation, launching Sixpence none the Richer into the mainstream spotlight.

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But before it was the soundtrack come Laney’s metamorphosis, “Kiss Me” to be a draft of a tune written in a Netherlands motel.

“We had remained in the rooms for maybe an hour when my companion in Sixpence, Matt Slocum, dubbed me like, ‘Hey wanna come down here? I’ve got a naramuseum.org song,’” singer Leigh Nash remembers. “We to be on tourism over there, and also we had a show that night in ~ Flevo Festival. We performed it that night! i went down into his room and also learned it. It was an immediate hit with fans, however it to be still choose a year and also a fifty percent before we taped it.”

“Kiss Me” had actually a significantly cheerier, poppier sound than much of the band’s prior job-related (though Nash says early drafts had actually slightly edgier lyrics, with “cigarettes” sparkling fairly than the “silver moon”). Together a result, the tape was actually reluctant to include it on your 1997 self-titled album until their producer persuaded them otherwise.

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The song came to be a perfect fit because that the 1999 romantic comedy. As Nash says, “It was so light and innocent, and details aspects of that movie were really sweet. The was virtually like tailor-made for that walk under the stairs.”

These days, Nash is a singer-songwriter who writes and also records her own material, however even so, she can’t escape the traction of “Kiss Me.” On peak of tho hearing that in public locations like grocery stores, Nash tape-recorded a solo sheathe of “Kiss Me” because that an EP last year the was sold just at she shows. She’s currently working top top a brand-naramuseum.org solo album, due for relax this spring (fans can discover updates around that at she website).

“I play the live in my sets now. It’s really wild due to the fact that I’m favor a singer-songwriter form person now, but back then ns didn’t compose songs,” Nash says. “So it’s weird come come up and play these yes, really deep songs and then break up the collection with ‘Kiss Me’ and also ‘There She Goes.’ It’s fun and also weird. Revisiting that cover was fun. Ns was amazed at how similar my voice sounds. I guess there’s a bit much more depth come it. I think fans have actually been appreciating it together well. I favor the method my voice sounds currently better. I started singing in Sixpence in ‘92 or something, as soon as I to be 15. Ns hear the voice and also think, wow why would certainly anyone desire to hear that? however I’m thankful they did.”