I recognize freezing is an alleged to make foodstuffs expand but it seems that 2 pre-packaged sealed food items that I have actually in my freezer seem a little bit puffy (chicken curry and chicken dumplings through cabbage) after acquisition them out of the freezer.

I don"t think they were that way when ns bought them yet not sure. Mine freezer seems to working well (although my refrigerator is a little bit variable) and also foods constantly seem well-frozen. And also I just left them out less than half an hour.

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Can sealed food packages increase when castle defrost fairly than the other way around? Thanks!


That"s simply the air in the package expanding, as it goes indigenous freezer temperature come room temperature.

It sounds like you"re thinking of the reality that water broadens when the freezes (and shrinks once it melts) but that"s not what"s continue here. The waiting warms increase long prior to the ice starts melting.

Some freezer packaging has small holes in the (or not so little holes, if you"re unlucky), which avoids this from happening.


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