There are many different types of colors and breeds of horses in the civilization but, one of the most desirable colors is the all-black horse.

Black horses have actually been popularized in movies, books, and also paintings. Everything indigenous the black Stallion to black color Beauty. But, which breeds have all black horses?

Let’s take it a watch at few of the most typical breeds in American wherein you can discover an all-black horse.

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1. Friesian Horse

The Fabulous Friesian! have actually you had a opportunity to inspect out my post with 15 Fabulous Friesian Facts? This black beauty is certainly a head-turner. You’ll be sure to rotate heads almost everywhere you go if you own a Friesian.

The Friesian is the most distinct member in this list of black horse breeds because the entirety breed is black. Nearly every member is black and also white markings are extremely discouraged.

If you want an all-black steed with numerous leg feathers and a beautifully thick mane and also tail, the Friesian is probably the ideal match for you!

Friesian Horse

2. American 4 minutes 1 Horse

A important American breed, all black quarter steeds are pretty easy to find. In fact, a registered quarter horse, Docs Keepin Time, play the lead role of black color Beauty in the 1994 movie.

Quarter steeds are known for their quickly trainable disposition. While castle were named after their capability to operation a super-fast quarter-mile, they excel at practically every technique imaginable. If girlfriend are in search of a black equine that is additionally extremely versatile, the American Quarter horse may it is in the breed because that you!

Black 4 minutes 1 Horse

3. Mustang Horse

Ah, the American legend. The mustang equine is a prize of the American West. Make popular very first by Wild steed Annie and then by movies choose Spirit, the mustang is really versatile each other that can be uncovered in virtually every color (check the end our mustang shade guide).

Thankfully, black is likewise one the those colors. It’s reasonably common too. Their solid hooves make them wonderful trail animals and with the appropriate training, they deserve to excel in any discipline.

Black Mustang Horse

For in-depth information about the mustang horse and registry and also competition organizations, examine out ours mustang horse breed profile.

4. Andalusian

The well known black Andalusian steed is certainly a sight to behold. They generally have long, flowing manes and also tails and also a distinctly Spanish appearance.

Andalusian horses come in black, bay and also gray and are typically used because that performance and exhibition. This each other is additionally a favourite for use in the movies, particularly those set during middle ages times.

Black Andalusian Horse

5. Lusitano

The Lusitano steed is an additional Spanish breed wherein you can find all-black horses. In fact, the Lusitano and the Andalusian are really closely related. You deserve to learn much more about the Lusitano horse in mine article: The Lusitano Horse: History, Colors and Crosses.

6. Percheron Horse

The Percheron steed is a big, beautiful gentle giant. They room usually black color or gray and very well muscled and intelligent. They deserve to be really tall and are periodically used come cross v lighter horse breeds to produce draft the cross that excel in the showjumping and dressage arenas.

Percheron might be built to pull heavy loads but they deserve to make great riding horses as well. Lighter bodied to represent of the breed deserve to even compete in sports favor jumping, eventing, and dressage. (source)


You have the right to learn much more about this beautiful breed in mine post: Percheron equine Breed file – Height, History, Colors, and also Temperament.

7. Morgan Horse

Have you ever before heard the term “Justin Morgan had a horse.”? The Morgan steed is very early American equine breed whose members deserve to trace your lineage ago to Justin Morgan’s famous stallion “Figure”.

The Morgan horse is beautiful and also extremely versatile. They can complete in any type of discipline and come in a wide variety of colors including black. An all-black Morgan equine like the one listed below is definitely a vision to behold!

“stallion-2”byWindRanchis licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

8. Tennessee wade Horse

If you are searching for your an extremely own black Beauty however want come make certain you have actually a smooth ride, the Tennessee Walker can be the right equine for you. They are a friendly, long-lived and also sure-footed breed.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful breed, check out our write-up with 11 fantastic Facts around the Tennessee walker Horse.

Tennessee Walking steed by Jean – licensed under CC by 2.0

9. American Saddlebred

Yet another wonderful gaited horse breed the happens to come in all black. The American Saddlebred is an energetic and intelligent breed. They have the right to do just about everything consisting of driving, jumping, dressage and even cutting.

One of the an excellent things around American Saddlebred horses is that they come in a wide variety of colors. This consists of all black like the mare, Gypsy Queen, pictured below.


10. Thoroughbred Horse

The thoroughbred horse is like horse royalty. it is a each other of steed that routinely commands incredibly high purchase prices. This is largely related to their success in the sports of horse racing.

Thoroughbred horses come in countless colors. When chestnut, bay and also brown have tendency to be much more popular, all-black thoroughbreds are possible! To learn more about thoroughbreds, examine out the thoroughbred breed profile post!

“IMG_6114”bygrimoire42is licensed underCC BY-NC-SA 2.0

11. Arabian

Walter Farley made the idea that owning a “Black Arabian Stallion” well-known in the 1940’s as soon as he exit his book by the same title. Since then, children everywhere who have actually read his book dream of someday owning this majestic creature.

I mean, what is no to love v a story about a boy and also a wild stallion who, stranded on a deserted island, form an unbreakable bond and also then walk on to be champions.

The Arabian steed truly is the type of steed with who you can kind an remarkable bond. They have the right to be high energy and even a small spooky however they will try their hardest to do their owner happy.

The Arabian horse excels in occasions like endurance racing however can compete in everything from western to English and also even dressage. All black Arabians room still uncommon however there room breeders who specialize in breeding horses with this well-known color.

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“365 steed Sketch (180)”byGoldie Mayis licensed underCC CC0 1.0

12. Ireland Draught

The irish Draught is a draft steed breed commonly used to cross with other breeds to create excellent jumping horses. They come in numerous colors yet black and also gray are really common.

While ireland sport horses are an extremely common, purebred ireland Draught equines are fairly rare. So much so that they are “watch” status on the American Livestock each other Conservancy’s rarely Breed conservation Priority List. (source)