Charlie Chaplin is one of the most famed comic gibbs of every time, well-known for sporting an iconic brimmed hat. However, there are a couple of intriguing facts about Chaplin’s favorite accessory!Charlie Chaplin’s hat is a bowler hat. Even though bowler hats were most popular in the late nineteenth century, many civilization associate the layout of hat with Charlie Chaplin. The bowler hat was vital piece that ‘The Tramp’ outfit, the famous persona that Chaplin created.

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The good actor, Charlie Chaplin, is well known for his persona that ‘The Tramp.’ With good personas come an excellent hats. This particular day we will certainly be feather at five intriguing facts about Charlie Chaplin’s hat, including what type of cap it was and also how it concerned be connected with the comic actor.

Charlie Chaplin Wore a Bowler Hat

The top hat the Chaplin wore was a bowler hat, very first created in 1849 by Thomas and also William Bowler. The hat had actually a wide, bent brim v a rounded crown. This style of hat was most renowned in the nineteenth century, worn by men as semi-formal attire. Read more intriguing facts about bowler hats in this article.


Charlie choose the Hat the end Himself at Keystone Studios

It to be a normal, merganser day when Charlie Chaplin first set his sights top top the soon-to-be above hat. During a sluggish day in ~ Keystone Studios, a director that Chaplin was working with told the to placed some makeup on and pick a costume. The manager emphasized that any outfit will certainly do and that they simply needed one entertaining character to work with. Chaplin determined the bowler cap to companion the remainder of his costume, which started as a faint idea. The costume consisted of baggy pants, a tight shirt, and oversized shoes. 

The hat Was component of Chaplin’s Persona ‘The Tramp’

Without the famous bowler hat, there is no ‘Tramp.’ The hat that Chaplin made decision at Keystone Studios became an essential piece of his iconic persona, The Tramp. The character to be a well-meaning yet bumbling man who was trying to survive life successfully, v Chaplin’s persona performing countless gags. 

There Is an ext Than One top Chaplin Hat

A memorabilia specialist named Lucy Carr discussed that there are much more than one hat and also cane in existence. However, that is tough to know specifically how many. Charlie Chaplin play The Tramp in several various movies, for this reason it would certainly make feeling that the prop department had produced multiple duplicates at some point. 

Chaplin’s hat & Cane offered for end $60,000 in 2012

In 2012, an auction residence in London sold one of Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hats and also canes because that $62,500. Since the hat and cane were from a personal collection, there might be concerns about the prop pieces’ authenticity. However, experts discovered evidence that the hat as soon as belonged to Chaplin. If you desire your own replica (that is cheaper 보다 60k), inspect out the GEMVIE black Derby cap from Amazon.


Charlie Chaplin’s cap was a vital fashion item of his persona, The Tramp. It might come as a surprised that Chaplin walk not arrangement the character yet only had actually a faint idea of The Tramp’s costume. When Charlie Chaplin searched the studio’s prop room, he picked the hat (a bowler hat) that would soon become Chaplin’s trademark.Discover other world famous because that wearing bowler hats in this article.

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