appellate brief
written discussion on the worries of legislation submitted by the opposite attorneys
appellate courtcourt that reviews trial court decision to recognize if a significant error of legislation was made throughout trial.

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arbitratorindependent third party who establishes a binding, court enforceable dispute resolution
associate circuit courtcourt the hears boy criminal cases, state traffic offenses, and lawsuits involving amounts of no an ext than $25,000.
courtgovernment forum that administers righteousness under the law
court of recordcourt in i beg your pardon an accurate, in-depth report the what go on in ~ trial is formed
general jurisdictioncourt that have the right to hear almost any sort of case
juvenile courtcourts that hear cases involving people generally in between the periods of 13 and 18
litigateto take a conflict to court
mediatorindependent 3rd party who tries to build a non-binding systems acceptable to both sides of a dispute
municipal courtcourt the hears situations involving hurt of ordinances
original jurisdictionpower to hear a case in complete for the first time
probate courtadministers wills and also estates
small cases courtstate courts the handle disputes in which tiny amounts, generally $2500 or less, room involved.
special jurisdictioncourt that hears only one details kind of case
transcriptverbatim document of what walk on in ~ a trial
trial courtfirst court to hear a dispute
verdictjury's decision in a case
writ that certiorariorder to a reduced court to produce the record of a situation for the supreme Court come review
wills and estatesprobate courts administer
TrueAttorneys are typically not forced in little claims court
associate circuit courtA dispute in between neighbors entailing property damage of $ 8,500 would more than likely be heard in a
FalseA state supreme court has actually the power to issue the last decision on every matters of regulation appealed to it
JusticeThe location of a judge sitting ~ above the united state Supreme Court is
TrueAppellate courts review decisions of reduced court as soon as a party claims an error was made during the lower court's proceeding
Trial JudgeIf over there is no jury, who decides concerns of fact?
appellateWhat type of court would be associated if a human being is dissatisfied with a court decision?
Municipal CourtsCity ordinances room administered by
Juvenile CourtWhich type of court would be affiliated if a 14- year-old steals a pair of shoes?
Courtsdecide concerns of reality at attempt level
FalseWitnesses can existing testimony in appellate courts.
JudgeSmall cases court cases are tried prior to a
Small insurance claims CourtWhat kind of court would be associated if a person sues a dried cleaner for damaging a $75.00 shirt?
resolve a dispute in courtThe ax litigate method to
the creation of the commonwealth jucicial systemArticle III the the united state Constitution offers for
FactTrial courts decision matters of
14What is the period in VA where a minor might be tried as an adult?
arbitratorWho makes decisions that tie the next to a dispute?
marshalIn federal court, a_______ summons witnesses, maintains court order, and takes the vital steps to lug out court judgments.
reversedA decision that the reduced court that has actually been overturned by a higher court is claimed to be
Sheriffs or their deputiesIn the state court system, who has actually the duty the summoning witnesses?
US supreme CourtThe ___________ is the higest court in the US.

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FalseA typical state legal system, prefer the commonwealth system, tpyically has four levels of courts with general jurisdiction.
TrueA decision of a lower court that was upheld by an appellate court is stated to it is in affirmed
remandedWhen an appellate court sends out a case earlier down to trial court for a brand-new trial or various other corrective activity it is claimed to have ________ the case
arbitrator solutionWhich method of problem resolution might be applied by a court order?
amendedA decision that the reduced court that has been adjusted by a greater court is claimed to be
TrueA can be fried Court did no exsist under the short articles of Confederation
district courtsthe federal trial court are known as
federal court of appealsAn appeal to the federal court device of a ruling of a federal firm would be taken to the
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