Using the XMB™ menu

The PS3™ system includes a user interface called XMB™ (XrossMediaBar). The horizontal row reflects system features in categories, and the vertical shaft shows item that can be performed under each category.

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Directional buttons button button buttonPS button
Select a category or item.
Confirm the selected item.
Cancel an operation.

View the choices menu / manage panel.

View the XMB™ menu.

Playing content

From the XMB™ menu, choose the contents on the bowl or storage media, and then press the button. To stop playback, push the button.


An ideal USB adaptor (not included) is forced to use storage media v some models that the PS3™ system.

Information panel

Using the details panel the is displayed on the upper appropriate of the screen, you can view information such as the variety of Friends who are online, notice about new messages and the latest info that is available under .









Avatar *

Number of friend who are online *

Information about new text chat *

Information about new messages

Date and time

Busy icon

Information available under

*Displayed only once signed in to PSNSM.

Using the choices menu

Select an symbol from the XMB™ menu, and also then press the switch to display screen the options menu. The choices menu deserve to be displayed or hidden by pushing the button.


Options food selection items

Options food selection items vary depending on the category.

Play / begin / ViewEject DiscDeleteCopyInformationAdd come PlaylistDisplay AllSort ByGroup ContentDelete MultipleCopy Multiple
Play content.
Eject the disc.
Delete content.
Copy contents to the system storage or to storage media.*1
View info on the content. Some details such as the name have the right to be changed.
Add content to a playlist.
View all folders conserved on warehouse media or a USB mass storage device.*1
Sort contents items by name, date, etc.
Change the grouping an approach to team by album, layout or other options.*2
Select multiple content items and delete every at once.
Select multiple contents items and copy all at once.

An proper USB adaptor (not included) is required to usage storage media with some models of the PS3™ system.

Content that does not have the information forced for grouping is grouped right into an folder. Part content might not be grouped.

Using the manage panel

During content playback, press the button to screen the control panel. The manage panel deserve to be shown or concealed by pushing the button. Manage panel items vary relying on the content being played.


Using multiple functions at the same time

Users can enjoy multiple features at the very same time. For example, you have the right to view photos under (Photo) or access the web under (Network) while playing music under (Music).

Example: Viewing photos under (Photo) while playing music under (Music)




Play music under (Music).

Press the PS button.The XMB™ food selection is displayed.

Select the photos that you desire to see under (Photo).

HintsYou cannot play (Music) content with various other features during Super Audio CD playback or once (Settings) > (Music Settings) > is set to <44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz>.Depending top top the form of content being played, some features that usually deserve to be played at the same time might not it is in available.

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Super Audio CDs can not be play on some PS3™ systems. Because that details, refer to .