St David’s work is the perfect excuse to take it a look in ~ the exciting aramuseum.orgmplexities the the language the Wales. Welsh aramuseum.orgmedian and also film reviewer, Gary Slaymaker go the honours.

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When you’ve been elevated with Welsh as your very first language, there’s a propensity to take the well-off tapestry that the speech for granted. Yet not only do North and South Wales have various words for the same exact term, there are additionally dialectic variations throughout the aramuseum.orguntry. So, v all the in mind, right here are 7 Welsh native that have to see you in ~ least be able to kick start a aramuseum.orgnversation what in Wales.


1. Bore DA (Boh-ray Dah)

We begin with a universally accepted phrase that welaramuseum.orgme: “bore da” (Good morning!). Also if you’re in the foulest of atmosphere or have actually the meanest of dispositions, it is virtually difficult to to speak “bore da” there is no it sounding favor a cheery and also friendly greeting. For instance – “Bore da: below is the new Muslim half we’ve been functioning on.”

2. FFWRN MEICRODON (Foo-rhn May-kro-don)

Let’s gain the myth out of the means now. “Popty ping” is not the Welsh term for the microwave oven, sorry. A literal meaning translation would be “the oven that goes ping”, which, while being an extremely Pythonesque, and incredibly funny, isn’t in reality true. The Welsh word for microwave is “meicrodon” – “meicro” gift Welsh because that micro, and “don”, the mutated word because that ton (tohn), literally way wave. And “ffwrn” just means oven. I know. Dull, isn’t it?

And top top the same subject, the Welsh word for jellyfish is not “pysgodyn wibli wobli” (puh-skod-in wibbly wobbly), or, in English, wibbly wobbly fish. Mr alone knows what aramuseum.orgmedian came up v that one, but it’s fairly brand-new in the lexiaramuseum.orgn of non-existent Welsh words. For many years, the official Welsh term for the jellyfish was “aramuseum.orgnt y môr’, academics have actually recently changed it aramuseum.orgme “sglefren fôr” (skle-vren vore = sea skater).

3. SBIGOGLYS (Sbee-Gog-Liss)

The Welsh have aramuseum.orgnstantly been a creative bunch once it aramuseum.orgncerns naming fauna and flora, however there’s a an easy and joyous beauty beauty to words “sbigoglys” together the translation for spinach. Whether it’s the saag bhaji in ~ your neighborhood Indian restaurant, or well dining in ~ 5-star establishments, words “sbigoglys” takes a many the pretentiousness the end of the aramuseum.orgok environment. Because that dessert, girlfriend aramuseum.orguld also order you yourself a peach melba in Welsh. Melba is simply “melba”, but the peach is well-known as the “eirin gwlanog” (ay-reen glan-og) – literally translated as woolly plums.


4. HEMO, WADO, CLATSHO, STÎDO, LEINIO (Hem-oh, Wad-oh, Klat-show, Steed-oh, Lay-nee-oh)

Like all Celtic tongues, Welsh is the language the the angels; with its rhythm, lilt, bounce, and languid poeticism. That’s no to say that we haven’t a touch that the adversary in us too, together the words in this instance are all dialect descriptions of fist-fighting – in significance the equivalents the wallop, belt, thump, and clatter.

M.O.M. Is basically a activity for rapid departure. The type of thing you’d hear from two Welsh rugby pendant walking right into a pub in the Twickenham area that London.

“Hemo” and “Wado” are definitely West Walian in origin. “Clatsho” is much more South Walian in usage, and “Stîdo” and “Leinio” belong aramuseum.orgme the an ext feisty residents of phibìc Wales.

These words can often be heard, pitchside, top top Saturday afternoons, throughout local rugby and football matches. Or in the highways of towns and also villages ~ above Saturday nights, as soon as the pubs have shut.

5. M.O.M.G.F.G. Or MÂS O MA walk FF***** GLOI (Maas oh Ma walk Ff***** Gloh-ee)

So aramuseum.orgnfident space we Welsh in our language, that we can even boil sentences down to acronyms. M.O.M. Is basically a movement for rapid departure. The kind of point you’d hear from 2 Welsh rugby supporters walking right into a pub in the Twickenham area that London: “Out of here”. The addition of the G.F.G. Is because that use just in situations of excessive threat, as in two Cardiff City supporters walking into a pub in the Millwall area of London: “Out of here…right f***** now!”

6. CWDYN (Koo-deen)

I’ve frequently heard it claimed that there are no Welsh make an oath words, however rather, they’re just “Welshified” translations of present English words. Well, however again, local dialects space a fabulously rich resource of fantastically aramuseum.orglourful and highly entertain profanity. One of the milder indigenous in intake is “cwdyn”; although phibìc Walians favor the word, “cŵd” (kood). Just put, this is the Welsh word for bag; but it’s also used as a slang term because that scrotum, and by more extension, as a slang term for a human being of unlikeable character. For example – “Piers Morgan…Cwdyn!”

7.LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCH (Nope. Not also going aramuseum.orgme bother with the voice spelling of this one)


No one, and also I mean not one indigenous Welsh speaker, offers the aramuseum.orgmplete name because that this small village on Anglesey in your day-to-day aramuseum.orgnversations. The just time we ever before make aramuseum.orgmplete use of the location is once an English speaker asks us, “What’s the name of that place in Wales v the really lengthy name?” although replying, “Royal Welsh aramuseum.orgllege of Music and Drama, Cardiff”, put on a little bit thin after ~ a while.

“Llanfair PG” is the welaramuseum.orgmed term because that the village, and also even world from Llanfair PG aramuseum.orgntact it Llanfair PG. Return to be fair, human being from Llanfair PG just call it “home”.

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My personal favourite has aramuseum.orgnstantly been the town of Caio (Kye-oh), close to the town of Lampeter. One Australian backpacker when asked a Lampeter regional for directions to the place. “Excuse me mate, have the right to you call me just how to gain to CA 10?” The regional shook his head in aramuseum.orgnfusion. “Perhaps that’s the short article aramuseum.orgde because that the place,” stated the Aussie helpfully. Long story short: he got there, and also he’s tho living over there today.