how to acquire the simplest form of this radical expression: $$3sqrt<3>2a - 6sqrt<3>2a$$

Here is my work:$$3sqrt<3>2a - 6sqrt<3>2a$$Since the radicands are the same, we just include the coefficients. $$-3sqrt<3>2a sqrt<3>2a$$Since every little thing is under the very same index the becomes:$$-3sqrt<3>2 sqrt<3>a$$

Did I perform this correctly, if not deserve to anyone phone call me what I must do?Thanks :-).

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We have the right to factor, together an alternative, to acquire the very same result:

$$3sqrt<3>2a - 6sqrt<3>2a = 3sqrt<3>2a(1 - 2) = -3sqrt<3>2a$$

(I don"t see any type of need come write: $;-3sqrt<3>2a = -3sqrt<3>2 sqrt<3>a)$

Note that $-3sqrt<3>2asqrt<3>2a = -3sqrt<3>4a^2 eq -3sqrt<3>2a $



Your center step is incorrect, it have to be $-3sqrt<3>2a$ no $-3sqrt<3>2asqrt<3>2a$. It should be $$3sqrt<3>2a - 6sqrt<3>2a = 3 imessqrt<3>2a - 6 imessqrt<3>2a = (3 - 6) imessqrt<3>2a = -3 imessqrt<3>2a = -3sqrt<3>2a.$$ ns don"t think $-3sqrt<3>2sqrt<3>a$ is any kind of simpler 보다 $-3sqrt<3>2a$, but that"s just my opinion.


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