1. The story is set in the future, so when Katniss references her ancestors, she is referring to us. What has happened to North America? How might we have contributed to the destruction of it? In North America there was a lot of anger that built up against the Capitol whiched cause the people of Panem to divide into 13 different districts. Each of these districts has a different purpose for example district 12 mines coal. As all of these districts formed they united to go against the Capitol. The Capitol was so angry that they completely wiped out the 13th district as a warning that if this happens again there will be more deaths. We could have contributed the destruction because we would have been part of a district that went against the Capitol.

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2. Gale makes the comment that the Capitol wants the districts to be divided, that it is to theiradvantage. What does he mean by this? I think that what Gale means by this is that if they keep the districts apart and divide without any communication they can’t create another war like they did. 3. Katniss lives in the “Seam” of district 12. Why do you think it is named the “Seam”? What is a seam and how might it apply to her neighborhood? I think that District 12 is nicknamed the “Seam”, because of the coal mining and the coal seam gas. Coal seam gas is a gas that is formed when coal is mined and this nickname refers to her neighborhood because Katniss’s district is the district that produces coal. 4. Would you volunteer for your little sister (or brother, or older sibling, or friend)? Why or why not? What does it tell you about Katniss? “YES, 100%” I would definitely volunteer for my family of friend because I would rather myself die then a loved one. This tells us that Katniss is a lovely person and would give her life in exchange of saving another. 5. Why couldn’t Katniss’s mother take care of Katniss or her sister Prim? If they lived somewhere other than the Seam, would things have been different for her mother? Katniss’s mother could not look after Katniss and her sister because she was depressed and greatly sick mentally and physically after Katniss’s father’s death. If Katniss and her family had lived in another district things would have been different because as the district numbers get lower the district is poorer (as 12 is the lowest number district is means that Katniss’s district is the poorest). This means that if Katniss and her family lived for example in district 2 it means that Katniss’s mother could have received medical treatment from a doctor, that is non-existent in district 12 6. How do you feel about the victors of the Hunger Games earning free food for their fellowcitizens? What problems might arise? If you were living like Katniss in District 12, then winning free food for you and your citizens would be fantastic, on the other hand if your were living in District 1,2 etc then winning free food would be cruel as these districts are well feed and district 12 is not. Problems that may arise with wealthier districts winning the free food would be that more people would continue to die everyday in poorer districts of starvation. However, problem that may arise in poorer districts include fighting within the district over the free food. 7. Why doesn’t Katniss want to get close to any of the tributes, including Peeta? Katniss doesn’t want to get close to any of the tributes especially Peeta because she knows that eventually she will have to kill them before they kill her. 8. Why is it ironic that Effie calls district 12 barbaric? It is ironic that Effie calls district 12 “barbaric”, because she is the one who chooses the 2 tributes from all twelve districts and sends them off to the Hunger Games. This is a modernized version of the Gladiators and how they starved the Jewish people and wild animals then put them in a public arena forcing them to fight to the death with a crowd watching as entertainment. 9. Do you think it is merely coincidence that the redheaded Avox girl is serving the district 12 tributes, the nearest district from where she was captured? Could it be possible that theCapitol knows Katniss was in the woods that day? Why or why not? I think that it is intentional that the Capitol has put the redheaded Avox girl that Katniss saw in the woods serving her district to make Katniss feel weaker and more vulnerable emotionally therefore making her an easy target in the Games. 10. Compare the modern conveniences in the Capitol with the primitive living conditions ofDistrict 12. List them. The capitol has a very beautiful and glamorous lifestyle and conditions such as: - Plenty of food to eat - Clothing that is not dirty or ripped - Electricity 24/7 - Plenty of money - And no danger of death due to starvation On the other hand however, district 12 is an ugly, hungry and grubby living condition such as: - People don’t ever have enough to eat - They only have limited electricity - Limited money - Big risk of dyeing due to starvation - And old, dirty clothing 11. Why the stark contrast between the two? What other differences do you see between theCapitol and District 12? There is such a stark contrast between the Capitol and District 12 because the Capitol controls everything that happens in all of the other districts, such as what they produce (11 agriculture and 12 coal). Other differences that I see between the Capitol and District 12 is there are many more people in the Capitol because they don’t have to worry about going and hunting for your food or not eating because you don’t have any food. As there is limited food in District 12 hunting is one of the only options other than starve to death. This factor means the numbers of District 12 decrease and the numbers in the Capitol increase because they are well feed. 12. How would you respond to Katniss’s private session if you were a Gamemaker? Why? I would respond shocked of course, but also make her feel proud of what she had done because she showed her extensive skills. 13. Why does Haymitch have difficulty coaching Katniss for her interview? How would youcoach her if you were him? Haymitch has difficulty coaching Katniss for her interview because she could play at so many different angles. If I were Haymitch I would do what Cinna did later on and tell her to just be herself. 14. Describe Caesar Flickerman. Does he remind you of any current TV personalities or talk show hosts? Caesar Flickerman is a fun, open minded and food loving man that is comforting when it is required from him. He has vibrant hair, great personality and a outstanding wardrobe. And no he does not remind me of any current television host.

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15. What do you think Peeta’s motivation is with his announcement at the end of part 1? I think that he is in two minds about loving Katniss. I think this because he wants to win to get food but doesn’t want to kill Katniss because he loves her and doesn’t know if her life is worth the sacrifice of his life.