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All great stories save symbolism. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is complete of vanitas symbols that include a brand-new depth of meaning to a tale as old together time.

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Analyzing Beauty and also the Beast: surprise Meanings and Symbols

Since watching Disney’s gorgeous live-action adaptation the Beauty and also the Beast, I’ve been musing about the usage of signs in story. BecauseBeauty and the Beast has some gems.

Symbolism add to depth to a story and helps you watch it in fresh and fascinating ways. Sure, you don’t need to be a symbolism treasure hunter to enjoy a story–but it’s rather fun come dip below the surface and speculate around those deeper, hidden meanings!

I remember reading Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter in high school and being just mildly engaged. I loved reading, so i felt a small guilty the I uncovered the bookso boring. But when I read the novel again in college I discovered a fully different book. The linchpin was a very knowledgeable professor who proved us the The Scarlet Letter is alive with a net of beautiful and complicated symbols.

Symbolism adjusted the way I engaged with The Scarlet Letter, and also I’ve been much more attuned come seeking the in stories ever since.

Beauty and also the Beast contains some pretty evident symbols, and their key purpose is to give us basic information around the leading cast of characters. Because that instance, the book that Belle reads in the opening town scene symbolizes her thirst for knowledge, novelty, and daunting of social norms. That publication tells us just as much about her as the text in her opened song.

What walk the climbed symbolize in Beauty and the Beast?

Perhaps the most iconic symbol in Beauty and also the Beast is the glass-encased rose. A climbed symbolizes love, yet this particular rose is dying–just choose the Beast’s wishes for true love. Even more importantly, the climbed symbolizes the vulnerable nature of life and the Beast’s need to reform from his vault life that vanity and excess in order to reclaim his kingdom.

The wilting climbed in Beauty and also the Beast strong echoes various other dying flower in art, specifically those supplied in vanitas paintings. Interpreting the rose and also other symbolic items in Beauty and the Beast in irradiate of the vanitas legacy imbues the story with fresh meaning and also spiritual significance.

What is a vanitas painting?

Vanitas is a genre of tho life painting typical in north Europe during the 16th to 18th centuries. Vanitas paintings regularly depict a arsenal of luxurious, richly-detailed objects, all of which signify the brevity of life and the futility of worldly pleasures (the Latin vanitas means “emptiness”). If you’ve ever before visited an art museum or bring away an art background class, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ve checked out a vanitas.


Self-Portrait through Vanitas Symbols by David Bailly, 1651

The Beauty and also the Beast fairy story is collection in the mid-1700s in France, and also the live-action work again, please again is together gorgeous and opulent as a vanitas painting of the period. If the climbed in Beauty and the Beast borrows from this heritage of imaginative symbolism, climate it points to an ext than simply the status of the Beast’s love life. Flowers are commonly used in vanitas paintings because flowers fade and also die, reminding united state that the beauties and luxuries that this life will pass away. Prior to he ended up being the Beast, the prince in this fairy story felt invincible; that had whatever he could ask for. In his arrogance, he certainly wasn’t thinking it might all it is in taken far in a moment.

When Agathe the enchantress casts her spell ~ above the castle and also the prince, she gives him the enchanted rose–a continuous reminder that the transience of life. Will the prince/Beast find something that can provide a deeper meaning and purpose to life, before it’s as well late? Well, we’ll obtain to that in a moment.(:

Zoom the end from the solitary rose and also you’ll check out many an ext symbols v vanitas meaning in this story. In fact, two of them room so evident that you’ll have a difficult time convincing yourself the they’re not intentional. Besides flowers, two varieties of objects that appear in virtually every vanitas paint are candles and also time pieces. Sound familiar? Yep–Lumiére and Cogsworth!


Still-life composition with human being skull, globe, books, crown, miter, bubbles, mussel shell with bubble pipe, holly crown on skull, watch on table, candlestick (with have fun of artist’s portrait) by Hendrick Andriessen, ca 1650

As ns thought around the Beauty and also the Beast movie and looked with vanitas paintings online, I came up with this perform of vanitas symbols and their feasible correlation in the Disney film:

Common vanitas signs in Beauty and the Beast

time piece (clocks, hourglasses, watches) – Cogsworthcandles –Lumiéremirrors – the fascinating mirrorchipped crockery or glassware – Chipbooks – the Beast’s librarymusical tools – Maestro Cadenza; the tool sculptures in the sphere roomsmoke – steam from Mrs. Pottsdust – Plumette the feather dusterbubbles – Chip blow bubblesglobes – assorted globes in the library and also around the castlechess board/pieces – chess set in the librarymaps – the map in the fascinating bookglass – the glass dome the covers the roseluxurious objects like an elaborate clothes, tapestries, and jewelry – everywhere the castle!

The lavish collection and production of Beauty and also the Beast echoes the richly-detailed symbolism that a vanitas painting.(Image through Disney. Used with permission.)

Each that the vanitas objects prompt united state to reflect on the nature the life and symbolize one of two people life’s transience (think it s not for long time bubbles, candle burning down) or worldly pursuits and passions (quest for understanding in books and maps, pleasures prefer music and also tapestries). But did anyone at Disney really intend for united state to glean so much from their character and prop choices?

I mine opinion, the doesn’t matter if they walk or not. The signs in this movie or in any type of piece of story room no less crucial or interesting since the creator intended something different than us imagine.Stories are exceptionally layered; it’s unpreventable that a story will certainly take top top a life that its own.The perfect work constantly displays a broader spectrum of meaning than the creator intended, and also this meaning will proceed to expand with social shifts.


You can in reality make a case that the vanitas icons in Beauty and the Beast space intentional. The Disney team frequently draws catalyst from renowned works of art. One recent hard-to-miss instance is once Anna indigenous Frozenleaps in prior of a paint that’s plainly an adaptation that Fragonard’s The Swing. One astute Disney fan noticed that The Swing provides an appearance in the 1991 man Beauty and also the Beast, too.The exact same fan discussed other reproductions of renowned paintings in the Beast’s palace, consisting of Girl with a Pearl Earring by john Vermeer, a netherlands artist acquainted with the vanitas paintings of his day.

We likewise know the the creators of the initial 1991 Disney Beauty and the Beast saw France come glean incentive for your art. Cogsworth referrals Baroque and Rococo designs as he provides Belle a tour of the castle. The live action Beauty and also the Beastreinforces the lush and also opulent format of mid-18th France, which have the right to be both beautiful and garish.

What go the Beast (and what perform we) learn from the signs in Beauty and also the Beast?

The Beast’s palace is usually a life vanitas painting. So, do these continuous reminders of the it s not long nature the life and also worldly products have any type of effect top top the Beast? Yes, yet at very first it only seems to it is in a an adverse effect, as the Beast grows resentful and cuts self off indigenous humanity. The positive impacts only surface once an exterior force–in the type of Belle–comes right into the story.

Belle and also the Beast autumn in love. Not at an initial sight, that’s for sure, but versus the odds. And also as their love blooms (to use some increased imagery!) things change.

Disney appears to choose up ~ above the reality that true love is redemptive and also transformative. In the opening scenes the the 2017 version, Agathe narrates that the prince/Beast “taxed the town to fill his castle with the many beautiful objects ​and his parties through the many beautiful people.​”But love turns the Beast from a vain, eat-drink-and-be-merry prince in a garish, over-the-top castle to a self-sacrificing king who’s all set to receive his human being with hospitality.The prince’s rejuvenation is echoed in the physical changes that the castle undergoes, as well as the restored humanity of the servants.


Vanitas signs abound in the 2017 Beauty and also the Beast movie! (Image by Disney. Provided with permission.)

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie to add this brand-new twist with regards come the servants: if the curse isn’t lifted, castle will come to be inanimate objects forever. They will certainly be beautiful objects, yet inanimate–serving just as one artful reminder the the vanity the a bygone era. I love this twist since it adds to the urgency of the Beast’s have to recast his approach to life. When the curse breaks, the servants burned their symbolic forms and become person once more.

Through Belle, the Beast pertains to understand that life is precious and also meant to be cherished–and shared. Life and his location in it is no a commodity to it is in consumed and squandered. Belle helps the Beast to reap life again, no in a selfish and indulgent means as the did before, however with a truthful, selfless love the looks outward and leaves a heritage of hope.

The brand-new flowers the bloom once the curse is lifted will at some point die (as will certainly the again-mortal Beast and servants), but they’ll it is in a living reminder the while life is fleeting, it’s likewise incredibly valuable.

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What are several of your favourite signs in stories? go you notice any exciting symbols in Beauty and the Beast?

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Top picture by Disney. Used with permission.