You desire to understand the probability that you will roll doubles or a sum of two through two dice. What is the probability?

When we have actually a probability question that asks the probability that one occasion OR an additional event, we desire to include the two probabilities together.

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If the question were what is the probability of rolling a 3 or a 4 ~ above one die, the answer would certainly be the probability of rolling a 3 (1/6) plus the probability of roll a 4 (1/6), or 2/6 = 1/3.
Here we have actually two dice. The variety of different outcomes on two dice is the number of different outcomes top top the an initial die (6) time the number of different outcomes ~ above the 2nd (6), or 36.
However, 1 1 was currently counted as soon as we count the variety of ways to role doubles. The is, there"s no way to role a sum of 2 without roll doubles. So the number of ways of roll doubles OR a sum of 2 is still just 6.
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What is the probability that you will certainly roll doubles or a amount of two v two dice?

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