I have tried to recognize what the oxidation state for Mn in $\ceMnO4^-$ is. So far i have taken that O have the oxidation state the -2 so due to the fact that there is 4 O the number turns to -8. What wake up to the minus at O? and also what is the oxidation state because that Mn?



The amount of the oxidation states of all of the atoms requirements to same the full charge on the ion.

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For example, because that $\ceNH4+$, if every hydrogen atom has actually an oxidation state that +1, and also the as whole charge is +1, climate we deserve to solve because that the oxidation state the nitrogen:

$$\beginaligned 4(+1) + OS_\ceN &= +1\\OS_\ceN &= +1 -4(+1) \\OS_\ceN &= -3\endaligned$$

Similarly, we have the right to do $\ceSO4^2-$. If every oxygen atom has an oxidation state the -2, and also the all at once charge is -2, we deserve to solve because that the oxidation state that sulfur:

$$\beginaligned 4(-2) + OS_\ceS &= -2\\OS_\ceS &= -2 -4(-2) \\OS_\ceS &= +6\endaligned$$

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Seeing together Oxygen has actually an oxidation state of -2 and you have actually 4 Oxygen atoms, the full charge contributed by Oxygen = -8. Since the total charge the this link = -1, then in this case Mn = +7+7 - 8 = -1

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As you said Oxygen has actually the oxidation state of -2 so if we include up all the oxygens they have actually a -8 oxidation state.

As the oxidation state of the ion is same to the charge, the Mn has to "balance" the -8 to gain it approximately -1. Therefore the oxidation state the Mn in Mno4- is +7.

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