We’re gift asked to calculation themolarity (M)of a equipment of NH3. Recall thatmolarityis theratio of the moles of solute and also the volume of systems (in liters). In other words:


We very first need to recognize thenumber of mole of NH3since this is the just information missing for united state to find molarity. An alert that the volume that the systems in liters is already given.

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We’re offered themass the NH3, 17 g. We have the right to use the molar mass of NH3 to uncover the moles. The molar massive of NH3 is:

NH3 1N ×14g/mol N = 14 g/mol

3H ×1g/mol H = 3g/mol

sum =17 g/mol

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What is the molarity the a equipment that consists of 17g of NH3 in 0.50 together of solution.

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